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Copy of Crispin, the Cross of Lead

Organize your thoughts about Crispin, character details, describe the setting, predict the conclusion.

Taylor Marshall

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Crispin, the Cross of Lead

The setting in Crispen is in the time of kings and queens. The main character, Crispin, is 13 years old. His mother, Asta, just died. While fleeing his village, he meets a man called "Bear"and he becomes his servant/apprentice. The other main character is a HUGE man called "Bear". He has a red beard and arms and legs the size of tree branches!! Main Characters! Setting! Crispin's home village was Stromford. Crispin and Bear traveled to Great Wexly and spent most of their time there. Summary! Crispin: The Cross of Lead is a book about a boy named Crispin. Crispin's mother died and he was left all alone as an orphan in the city of Stromford. Crispin was accused of theft and declared a wolf's head! Crispin is forced to flee his village, so he sets of for freedom and a better life. Crispen starts out as Bear's servant and eventually becomes his apprentice. Crispin and Bear face many challenges on the way to "freedom" including running and hiding from the soldiers that are searching for Crispin. They end up in Great Wexly. They find out from the writing on Crispen's cross of lead that Crispin is the son of Lord Furnival. Another character is the steward John Aycliffe that is searching for Crispin. On the way he meets a man called "Bear".
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