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Language assignment-by kenrick jesse karish and Zhi Ling

jessie li

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of bullying

Cyberbullying usually starts when someone decides to talk to random strangers or friends that are "virtual" and they end up giving away personal information about themselves like pictures, address, e-mail, etc. It can also start just by a rumour, photo, or forwarded message. Cyberbullying usually occurs on electronic devices. Cyberbullying Cyberbullying is where someone intimidates, harasses, and manipulates other people through phone or Internet such as chat rooms, Facebook, blogs, media, social-networking services, etc. BULLYING Bullying is a problem affecting a lot of people around the world including children, and adults or any age. It is now one of the most major issues throughout the world.
So we are here now to try and educate you guys about it since if people know more about what bullying can do to people, it can help reduce bullying in general. Sending mean messages or threats on social networking devices
Pretending to be someone else online to hurt someone
Hacking to other peoples' accounts and posting inappropriate things
Sending photos to other people without victim's permission Verbal bullying Name calling
Threatening someone to cause harm
Saying insulting/inappropiate comments
taunting Even if the bully is sorry for what they have done, the scars they have left by hurting the victim will never leave them. Bullying can effect everyone that is involved in the situation(s), including bystanders(s), the bully(ies),and the victim(s). The effects can be short term effects and/or long term. What counts as cyberbullying? Why do people cyberbully? Social Bullying What counts as Social Bullying? Gossiping
Spreading rumours
Excluding others
Telling other people not to be friends with someone
Embarrassing someone in public areas
And other actions that can harm someone physically/emotionally Social bullying is behaviour that is done on purpose, repeatedly, and aggressively to hurt others. Social bullying usually occurs at schools, colleges, workplaces, etc. Effects of Bullying What is cyberbullying? What is social bullying? Physical bullying What is physical bullying? Physical bullying is when someone physically abuses another person (victim) repeatedly. Solving Cyber bullying Solutions for Bullying Solutions for bullying are always possible, whether it is going to a friend for help or telling a teacher, there will always be people who are there for you to help you get past issues you have in life. Cyber bullying is basically something that is done on the internet and is usually a big problem. If you are being bullied, make sure you tell someone and NOT keep it to yourself. Make sure that you ignore/block/delete the person that is bullying you so it does not happen again. Solving Social Bullying Social bullying happens at school, workplaces, and basically places where people interact with each other.
If you are being bullied, you should always consult a friend or teacher. OR you can always STAND UP for yourself!
If someone is bullying you this way, you can ignore them and just walk away or you can tell them to stop, but don't talk back at them or it will make the problem worse. Solving Verbal Bullying Verbal bullying is something that is hurtful to someone mentally and emotionally. If someone is calling you names, or saying inappropriate things about you, go to a teacher or friend and they will help you out. OR you can STAND UP for yourself and take a stand against the person, but not say mean things about them back. Solving Physical Bullying Physical bullying can really hurt someone and sometimes cause severe injuries. You should never fight back unless it is absolutely required. If the bullying persists, consult a teacher/adult/someone you can trust. or you can always try and resolve the problem with words and try and ignore the person or walk away. You can always try and solve most bullying issues with words and talking with the person that is bullying you. Forms of physical bullying Hitting, breaking/stealing people's properties, Pushing, Kicking, Spitting, Pinching, Poking, Biting What is verbal bullying? Verbal bullying is when someone uses words to hurt or upset the target's feelings. What counts as verbal bullying? How does physical bullying start? How does social bullying start How does verbal bullying start? Verbal bullying starts when the bully or bullies decide they want to tease or insult someone because they act ''differently'' compared to other people. Social bullying starts when one person or a group of people wants to ensure that the victim(s) are disliked by their peers or it's just that they don't like the person. Physical bullying starts when someone dislikes or just decides to do it so it hurts another person and starts to hurt them physically. Bullying can affect someone in ANY way Bullying can cause a major decrease in self- esteem
Eating disorders (loss in appetite)
Withdrawal from family and friends
Thoughts of suicide/commit suicide
Unable to sleep/nightmares
Feeling afraid
Headaches/stomach aches www.bullyingstatistics.org
www.stopcyberbullying.org Bibliography If the bullying gets out of hand, consult a police officer Victor Victim is "one of the smart kids" at the school. He is small and thin for his age, and does not dress fashionably, but he has a few friends and he earns straight As. Bart Bully is bigger than most of the kids in his grade. He has trouble reading and his grades are mostly Ds and Fs. Bart often teases Victor, kicks his backpack, and throws things at Victor whenever he can do so without getting caught. Bart's large group of friends laughs and thinks this is very funny. On this particular day at lunch, Victor sits in Bart's usual spot in the cafeteria since his own usual spot is occupied. Bart begins poking Victor in the ribs, hard, but no proctors can see what is happening. Tears well up in Victor's eyes, and Victor elbows Bart in the stomach... The scene
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