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Lesson 5 String and the String Class


Alex Frederick

on 3 February 2010

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Transcript of Lesson 5 String and the String Class

Lesson 5 Strings and the String Class What is a string? END Hard-co(re)ed values! Intro to Classes and Objects! It is a group of characters put together to create text.
It is one of the most useful kinds of data in a program.
The only way to communicate with the users of your program.
C++ has no string data type.
Character arrays and the string class must be used. Hard-coded values are keyed directly into the source code.
These are also refered to as literals.
A numeric value is called a numeric literal.
A string of text is called a string literal which appears in double quotation marks.
A string character is a character literal which appears in single quotation marks. Object-oriented programming (OPP) is a way of programming that treats parts of a computer program as objects that are similar to real-world objects.
High level programming languages hide the details of code and make it appear simple and easy to use.
OOP allows you or someone else to create a data type. All you have to know is how to use it.
An object is an instance of a class. They are not the same.
HOW DAT WORK? One way of doing this is using oostring.cpp and oostring.h
The dot-h file is a header file that you have to include in your code. One could also use "using namespace std;"
String Operations Containment=the way an object hides the details of how data is stored and how operations work.
A message is a request such as length given to an object to report back on that.
A dot operator is used to send this message.
A method is the code inside the object that performs the message operation.
Then there is also concatenation which you can add onto strings with.
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