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on education, technology and change

created for the EDCMOOC 2013

mullu lumbreras

on 25 May 2013

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Transcript of on education, technology and change

is changing the tools changing education? this is how I learned in school this is how my daughter learns in school we allow ourselves to dream
amazing technology we allow ourselves to question
what it means to be human what else will we allow ourselves to question?
to dream and build? places where all the voices can be heard? with paths drawn by curiosity instead of curricula?
(Asimov did!) opportunities available to all? the tools are there, but... this is how her children will supposedly learn in school outside of school, my daughter and I communicate with friends around the world share and discuss ideas explore other cultures create stories and remix them get hooked on the most amazing subjects learn all the time or can we think wider? change deeper? on education, technology and change in growing instead of achieving? how about education based in
collaboration instead of competition? Ken Robinson: Changing Paradigms (fragment)
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