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Lord of the flies

No description

Corve Steele

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Lord of the flies

Quotes Plot Questions Literary devices Ralph
the protagonist, voted the leader Jack
the antagonist, power hungry
weak, skinny boy. Shy but thoughtfull. religious.
jacks good friend, BAD guy. wants power.
Characters sam/eric
twins, talk as one piggy
ralph's best friend, chubby, wears glasses, smart. Research Lord of the Flies 1. Where do religion play a role in the novel? 2. Which of the boys made the trip to the mountain? 3. Why didnt all of the boys join the trip? 4. What did the boys really find on the top of the mountain? 5. Why did Ralph try for the first time in chaprter 7? 6. Why is it so ironic the Ralph loved hunting? 7. What do you think the boys were thinking when they reenacted the hunt using Robert as the pig? 8. What theme was clearly shown when the boys were torturing Robert as they "played"? 9. Was Jack kidding when he proposed the idea of using a littlun as the pig for the next time? 10. Why were the boys terrified after climbing to the top of the mountain? The boys get together to make a trip to the mountain.
On the trip Ralph hunts for the first time, he was thrilled.
The boys reenact the hunt using Robert as the pig.
They tear him apart, Robert gets in danger.
He crawled away.
Jack implies that they should have used a littlelun.
The boys climb the mountain and see the beast.
The boys are terrified and run away. At this time the WWII was taking place.
William Golding wrote the novel to show what the war was doing to the people. Foreshadow- "...You'll get back alright" says simon. Personification- "And the books, they stood on the shelf by the bed. "All the same. You'll get back all right. I think so, anyway."- simon "Use a littlun." -jack "We cant spare more than one." -simon Themes innocence rules fear power religion
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