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Juan Ponce de Leon

Reasons for exploration, obstacles, and accomplishments of Ponce de Leon

Betsey Kennedy

on 9 December 2011

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Transcript of Juan Ponce de Leon

Spanish Explorer:
Juan Ponce de Leon Where
Spain? Why did you go exploring Ponce de Leon? I was bored! I had been fighting for land in Spain, but that was over. Had you ever worked with other explorers? I wanted to find gold and become fabulously rich! I wanted more people to be Christians. I sure had! I sailed with Columbus on his second voyage to the New World! We went to Hispaniola on that trip. I was a hero there because I fought those Natives in the New World, and I won!!! I heard that there was gold on a nearby island that you guys call Puerto Rico. I wanted to go find it! King Ferdinand gave me permission (and money) to explore. I became the governor of the island and I made it awesome, but I only got to stay about a year. I got kicked out because Columbus' son wanted to be governor. But don't worry, I didn't give up. I decided it was time to find some new lands myself. I decided I would go to an island called Bimini, but I didn't end up there. I ended up in a place full of flowers, and I named it "La Florida" which means "the flowered one." I had heard that there was a stream there that could make old people young again. It was called the Fountain of Youth. I never found it though...mainly because it doesn't exist! I didn't get to explore Florida very much that trip because natives kept attacking us every time we tried to land our ship. I ended up just going back to Spain. But I wasn't done with Florida yet! I knew it could be great, so King Ferdinand gave me the money to go back and he even made me the governor! Unfortunately, things didn't go as well as I had hoped. The native people kept attacking us. I was seriously injured when a poison arrow was shot into my thigh. Everyone decided it was time to head back to Puerto Rico, but the arrow did me in. I died in Puerto Rico just a few weeks later.
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