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simon friend

on 20 September 2018

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Transcript of future

Going to:
Intention (already formed)
Prediction with evidence
Instant decision
Opinion (modal -- like "might")
… visit… my Mum tonight. She’s making cupcakes.
6PM at Pie Face. Have you got any plans?
…see… SUPER MARIO tomorrow
No that’s cool… what ever…(sniff sniff…)
… I don’t know… I’m sorry… I thought you’d be Jealous…
Really? Why didn’t you tell me?
...visit Brazil with that other Cassie
… just get my Bikini!
Can I come?
…the beach
Already formed intention – (Maybe it hasn’t been organised yet
Going to…
Hey Boris, do you want to come to the beach?
I would love to…
Do you have any vague plans?
Things you might do one day… maybe?
Make some sentences with your partner
… live… Melbourne
…return to TOKYO
Ask your partner something politely:
Borrow a pen
Get some water for you
Help you move house
Sure take it/go ahead
…borrowed your phone?
…like a beer? My shout.
Use it as a guide, to make a similar conversation.

Talk about plans for your week…
Make some fake plans with class mates…
INTERVEW a CLASSMATE WS –then tell your next partner about tour 1st one.
Polite request:
-I’d like a drink.
Indirect or vague plan:
-I’d like to learn Spanish one day
Decision made while speaking:
-Do you want to come to the beach? Sure I’ll come.
Already formed intention:
I’m going to swim at the beach
Intention after lots of thought:
-I’m planning to visit Japan
Intention organised with others:
-I’m seeing Sam tomorrow
Write it down -- summery...
We’re getting married soon.
Is this an intention or is the wedding already arranged?
We’re going to get married one day.
Is this an intention or an actual plan?
In other cases it is very important which form you use.
I’m going to play football this evening
I’m going shopping on Friday.
I’m playing football this evening
They can mean the same.
Sometimes it doesn’t matter whether we use the present continuous or going to
What time?

Simon: I’m seeing Sam tomorrow
I’m planning to learn to cook next month, I’ve found a great cooking school.

Lisa: I’m going to have a baby one day.
Simon: I’m not going to retire in the next ten years
Chris: I’m definitely gonna do that again.
What are you doing today MARIO?

Soraya: Do you want to go to Sin City on Friday?
Julie: I’m busy.
Soraya: OK, Maybe I’ll call Augusto.
…own a dog
-I’d like to learn Spanish one day

-I’d like a drink.
Would you mind passing me that book…
Pronunciation cartoons
"Tomoko is going to go back to Japan very soon".
No! --- The first go is going to
This shows intention
The second go is the verb.
EG: GODZILLA is going to visit/attack/return to/ go back to/eat Japan very soon.
MEANS: Tomoko is planning to go back (but maybe she hasn’t bought her air ticket yet).
Why do we need to use the verb going to and to go together?
Aren’t we saying the same thing twice?
Polite request:
Indirect or vague plan:
Decision made while speaking:
near future:
distant future:
can be used to talk about the distant future also (as long as its for an already formed intention):
Intention after lots of thought, we use PLANNING:
Intention organised with others
These words have more then one meaning!
….do laundry/the washing
…get dinner out because…
Cassie…get into… club… free… short skirt.
What does the future hold in store for:
Angeline and Brad?

Don’t use evidence just give your opinion…
Dunno, just do
I think they’ll split up.

Watch a clip, in teams write what the person is gonna do on the WB.
Look at the pictures on the WB, now write 6 sentences. Then we will do the next 6.

Read it on the board, then use the model to predict your partners future
Simon… hung-over
Wow cool!
2m swell and northerly wind!
The surfs … good tomorrow.
When you go back to your country:
---What will you have to do?
You have a rent inspection next week:
---What will you have to do?
Talk to your friend:

We’ll have to buy a new car
We’ll have to come back later
She’ll have to get a new boyfriend, now that Sam has gone back to BRAZIL
No choice!!
…pay for breakfast because…
-We’ll be able to stay up late, there’s no school tomorrow
- If Tomoko, gets a new VISA, she’ll be able to travel around more of AUSTRALIA
Prediction with no evidence:

-I think the Gold Coast will be busy in summer

-Do you think he’ll move back to Brazil
how come?
He’s going to spew

He’s gonna spew
He’s gonna to spew
“Your country in 30 years”.

EG. I think Japan’s population will increase. So I think it’s going to be crowded.
FILL in the gaps then listen:

AUSTRALIA is ________become more multicultural as we become more focused on selling international education and as we start to encourage immigration from countries other then England . I think this _____ be good for Australia, but as our population increases we will ________protect our environment – because more pressure will be put on water supples, food supples, air quality etc. etc.
Prediction with evidence:
Time to visit the fortune teller
Brad Pitt is sick of Angeline Jolie. So he’s gonna breakup with her tomorrow.

What can he do now?
What can’t he do?
What will he be able to do next Weekend?
What won’t he be able to do?
(like must)
Have to
– copy this down – you will need it for your next exercise
Prediction with evidence:

-(She’s fat) She’s going to have a baby
-I think the Gold Coast
be busy in summer
-Do you think he’
move back to Brazil
-We’ll be able to stay up late, there’s no school tomorrow
We’ll have to buy a new car
If it were evidence that told us about the
-- We'd use
Present perfect
"Oh look, she
has drunk
to much saki"
Offers or suggestions when you don't really care -- but you want to know if the other person wants something.
Shall we go home?
Shall I pour you another drink?
Shall we open the window?
May I / can I
I want to do something but I'm checking if it is OK with someone else
May I help you (@ shop)
May I date you sister?
Can I turn on the light
Can I (informal / angry)
This is informal English -- the person is not asking -- they are demanding!
Can I get some peace and quiet in here please!
Can I get some more chicken in the oven -- Quick Quick Quick
angry mum -->

Master chef -->
May you
This sucks! " May you turn off the light!"
Only use "MAY I"
If you want someone else to do something -- say "Can you" -- NOT "MAY YOU"
Will in a question:
"What will you do after school"
What'll u do now?
We use will when we think the person hasn't thought about this subject before
Correct this one on your hand out






Remember MODALS!
"Will" is just a modal verb...
He'll win
He might win
He won't win
I'm going to watch TV tonight
LOOK! He's going to fall!

I'll come!
He will loose... I think... Well, he might win I guess...
What movie is this?
tonight I'm gonna eat pizza when I get home
tonight my husband and I are sharing a meal
tonight I'm gonna watch tv
next month my girlfriend and I are visiting Bali
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