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Committee Training Day

No description

Michelle Bennett

on 24 September 2018

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Transcript of Committee Training Day

A Sport Brighton 'how to'
Committee Training Day 2017
Health and Safety
AGM @ 9:30am
Breakout Rotation 1
Breakout rotation 2
VC - Debra Humphris
Breakout Rotation 3
Social Safety
Communications, Freshers,
Website, Fundraising
BUCS Teams /
BUCS Individual Sessions

Today we will cover:
Who is Sport Brighton?
Brighton SU
University Sports Dept
Sports Fed
There are two main aspects to our Health &
Safety Responsibilities: -

1. A general ‘Duty of Care’.

2. Statutory duties placed upon a Institution and
its affiliated organisations (inc. Clubs & Societies)
under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974
‘This is a consideration of your acts and omissions
as an individual and an assurance that those
and/ or omissions
do not give rise to a

risk of injury to any other person/ persons.’

‘Clearly one is not expected to guarantee the safety
of others, merely to
Duty of Care
‘This is a consideration of your acts and omissions
as an individual and an assurance that those
and/ or omissions
do not give rise to a

risk of injury to any other person/ persons.’

‘Clearly one is not expected to guarantee the safety
of others, merely to
You are seen as a leader.
Responsible for members of your club.
Looked up to by new members/ freshers'.
You’re the ones that know what your doing?
Position of Trust!
Can be a position of power.
Representatives of your University/ Union.
Things to remember
we meet our responsibilities by:
Providing you with the information you need to understand your responsibilities.
Implementing procedures and checks
Providing training
Providing resources
Insurance Cover
Know & Understand Safety Procedures
Follow Procedures
Annual Reviews
Update Safety Codes/ Codes of Practice
Update Risk Assessments
Report any Incidents & Accidents
Every Club will be audited

You need to:
trip officer
kit officer
safety officer
coms officer
Read & understand the UoB Activity Safety Code- p.102
Code of Practice- p105
Risk Assessments- p105
Activity Leader Forms- p111
Pass on information to other members of your committee!
Things to do:
Outlines yours and your members responsibilities.
Following the safety code is a mechanism to make sure you fulfill your 'duty of care'
Safety Code:
A Code of Practice outlines the clubs intentions and procedures. Ensuring a transparent set up.
All club members are to follow the guidelines of the Code of Practice and should be made available to all club members. (email)
Final versions of the Code of Practice should be finalised and signed and given to the Sports Activities Office,
A copy should also be given to any coaches or activity leaders.
Code of Practice
A clear and careful examination of anything that could cause harm to you or other people within a particular situation and/or environment.

Identify the problem
(the hazard)

Determine the likelihood of it happening
(the risk)

Decide what can be done to reduce harm
(control measures)

Nothing is ever safe, only safer, by minimising the risk.
Risk Assessments
Risk Assessments...
Control Measures
Hazard is something with potential to cause harm through injury, ill health or disease.

Hazards can be grouped into several categories:

Physical- locations, gravity, manual handling, equipment
Chemical- fire, explosions, contamination
Biological- animals, humans, plants and micro-organisms
Natural- heat, light, weather
What is the outcome?
How severe could it be?
How can we minimise / eliminate the chance of it happening.
How can we respond better should it happen.
graze, cut to body
players & official to check surface pre
game, removal of any objects.
low (slight/possible) 4
feedback any facility based issues to Sport Brighton
Activity Leader
Risk Assessment
Code of Practice
Trip Form
First Aid
Serious Incident
Trips Away
A serious incident is categorised as an event which might result in significant injuries or death. It could also relate to something which has potential media interest.
Stop and Think, Assess the Situation and Stay Calm
Call the Emergency services if necessary.
Where possible treat any Casualties if safe and qualified to do so. Co-operate fully with the Emergency Services.
01273 642222
, giving the following information: -



They will then contact the relevant University department.
You will need to give the following information: -




You will then be informed of any further steps that are to be taken.

All Sport Brighton affiliated club activities must be registered.
0 nights away- 24 hours before
1 or more nights- 5 working days
Aboard outside of the UK- 1 calendar month before departure, or end of term.
First Aid
Forms are on the website and best emailed to studentsports@brighton.ac.uk
All Sport Brighton facilities have first aid qualified staff.
Activities taking place off site either need first aid provision by the club or the venue.
Courses- priority to off-site activities.
To be confirmed
Likely first few weeks of term
First Aid kit and supplies...make sure it is restocked
Any use of first aid materials should be recorded via the incident/accident form...no matter how small.
Limited funding available.
Clubs must keep an accurate list of kit and equipment
Log books must be kept for specific safety equipment.
... small
you can download from
University funds
Sports Federation Funds
Own Funds
Inter site travel
Agreed BUCS costs
Health & Safety
Internal Facility Hire
Personal Injury Insurance
central university funds
how is this funding paid?
Directly to organisations/ companies
Via Sport Brighton Claim form (must be pre-agreed)
Sports Federation Funds
Funds come from sponsorship: Wednesday nights.
Bidding pot for the benefit of 'club development'

can be used for:
coaching, playing kit, travel, accommodation, competition fees, equipment, venue hire.

can't be used for:
personal items, retrospective claims.
Needs to demonstrate the wider benefit to the club, not individuals.
Be reasonable. Show how members have contributed.
Accounts, H&S and Sports Fed registers need to be in order.
It is against the Sports Federation constitution to have a bank account outside of the SU!

Own funds is an account held with your nearest SU office.

Money is your clubs and is carried over each year.

How to use your account...
Why sponsor?
Someone might have an interest in your club- previous member etc.
To promote their brand or product
To have a reciprocal arrangement whereby you spend money with them in return for payment
Sponsorship Best Practice
Make promises you can keep, Manage expectations.
Be honest and keep dialogue throughout season.
Get a contract!
Don't commit spend until you have the money
Never take cash, payable to 'Brighton SU'. Money will go in your account.
First sign of problems then speak to us.
Raising money for your club or for charity can make your club stronger and provide new opportunities. It is also great PR!
Get involved in RAG-
Split your club into fund raising groups.

Be careful of activities which cost money to put on,
is it really worth the risk?

Fund raising activities need a risk assessment too!

Make sure you speak to all people your fund raising
might need permission from

Use us to promote it!
Fund raising-
For yourself and others
With your members you are a great resource for raising your own funds.
All clubs need to budget
What do you want to achieve?
What is the cost?
What are your priorities?
What is your strategy for raising funds?
Assign tasks.
Speak to us for advice.
Your Own Funds
Sports Federation
All clubs are part of the
Sports Fed
Sports Fed clubs operate within the SU's constitutional structure.
The Sports Federation 'ratify' all clubs via the ratification process and attendance at the AGM- Annual General Meeting
The Sports Federation AGM elects a Sports Fed Committee.
This committee distributes funds, inputs into the workings of Sport Brighton and the SU.

Brighton SU.com
Under Armour
Freshers' Fairs:
Eastbourne- Tues Sept 26th
Brighton- Thurs Sept 28th
Club first session leaflets available for stalls.

Clubs first sessions:
Really important to make a good impression- plan & allocate responsibility
Wristbands & H&S
What it was like to be a fresher.
Be welcoming to all.
Be aware of all the other opportunities to signpost. your club wont be right for everyone..
Be up front: make it clear how your club works and what are the costs.
Be professional, you are representing the university, federation and your club.
Under Armour are the recommended supplier of Sport Brighton.
How to order:
see the range and size options at a site near you.
Individuals order and pay online.
Items are delivered to your chosen Sport Brighton reception
SU have new web and support service provider: MSL
New features:
Freshers' Fair Passports
Finance payments through the web
Communications via web membership
Link with Social Networks
Us to you

You to us

You to others

Pigeon Holes

If your committee details change let us know

We are here to help where we can:

In person:
Office in Falmer- happy to come to you

By email:

By phone:
01273 642871

Let us know how you are getting on..
Club of the Month
..we can feature your news items, give advice or help you progress further.
Notice boards
Social networks
In person
Social networks
Weekly Tasks
About BUCS
Fixture day problems
Planes, trains and automobiles
Maps & directions
Travel Code

Long distance fixtures
I think we need longer to get to a venue than has been organised?
Sport Brighton have organised travel for our team but we want to make our own way there, can we claim back costs?
Our coach has not arrived to pick us up, what should we do?
One of our players has had to go to a hospital near our away venue what should we do as we are due to travel back?
Another team is not following the travel code and I am worried it will reflect poorly on our club, What should we do?
Contact for on the day
Meet & greet opposition/ umpires
Make sure playing conditions are correct
Ensure you have fulfilled your 'duty of care
Clear up after your fixture (yours and the oppositions mess!)
Opposition/ Officials Late?
Issues with venue?
Opposition have same colour kit as us?
Safety concerns?
Sports Federation Membership
What is Sports Fed Membership?
Why do we need it?
What are the costs?
What do I need to do?
Governing body for university sport
Over 100,000 students regularly compete in BUCS competitions, leagues and events.
4800 teams and over 100 championships events every year.
Team championships and individual championships.
Expensive! £7710 to affiliate and a further £3425 for team entries! Not to mention individual entries...
All info on BUCS is on their website. Register to get weekly updates and info on your specific sport.
Please do not contact BUCS directly, always go via the Sport Brighton office.
All entries have to be made by Sport Brighton.
Make sure you are familiar with the rules and regulations, but if you are unsure ask Beth!

Meet early/Allow enough time to get to fixtures. Remember duty of care. Match fees & team sheet done.
If away:

remember travel code
If at home:

make sure court/pitch is ready. Liaise with facility, greet opposition and officials.
Check facilities are left in order, ring/email/text result.

Match Fees/Team Sheet/result must be in to Sport Brighton. Who are you playing next week & where? Get kit washed!

Confirmation from Sport Brighton of your fixture. Inform your members/get availability. Confirm with office you are all ok to play.

Make sure you have all the info you need. Kit clash/opposition contacts/ meeting details.

Pick up info from your pigeon hole.

Have your kit ready. Have your Match Fees & Team Sheet ready

Students traveling on transport on University business/ Sports Federation activities need to make sure this is followed for their safety.

Failure to comply with this code could result in individual or team disciplinary action.

We work closely with our coach providers and we ask them to inform us of any instances of students asking to contravene this code.
•No alcohol is to be consumed on any transport.
•Behavior deemed to possibly distract the driver will not be tolerated.
•Conduct during all sports federation activities (including travel) should not compromise the reputation of the University and the code of conduct of the Sports Federation.
•All litter is to be removed at the end of the journey and put in a bin. (Do not just leave a bag of rubbish on the side of the road)
•Movement on moving vehicles should be minimal and should only take place when safe to do so.
•Where seat belts are provided these should be worn.
•The driver is able to determine their route and they should not be asked to make unreasonable diversions or stops on the route.
•You are required to carry out all reasonable requests from your driver.
Late start due to opposition/ officials delayed.
The officials were awful.
The opposition are claiming a walkover for the
fixture but we think it is unfair because…….
(this could be for numerous reasons!)

If you have a problem... call the office: 01273 642871. If an appeal is being submitted please advise us asap so we can prepare.
Appeals- timings, how they work
Wait as long as you and the officials (if there are
any) can, especially if you know the
opposition are on their way!

In some sports you may be able to play a
reduced fixture and in others the late team
should concede any rubbers/weapons that are
not played due to the fixture starting late.

Always ensure that both captains agree in
writing BEFORE the start of the fixture if a
reduced fixture is to be played or if
rubbers/weapons are to be conceded in order
to avoid disputes after the fixture.
We contact the institution that booked the officials to raise your concerns. If from their response we are satisfied that they are qualified and/or neutral (whatever the relevant requirements) then no further action can be taken.

Remember that BUCS can’t overrule a qualified official.

If we are unable to get an adequate response, we will submit an appeal to the BUCS Office stating your concerns
by 2pm of the day following the fixture.
If you can get the fixture ‘Played Under
Protest’ then do so and resolve any disputes

If that is not going to happen then contact the Sport Brighton office who will be able to confirm whether the circumstances validate the walkover.

If we are unsure, we will appeal against
the walkover result by the appeal deadline
(2pm on the day following the fixture)
Prepare! Exams or other difficult dates.
Get your members in to your routine.
Always acknowledge receipt of emails from the office.
Highlight problems early.
If you are not happy, talk to us!
BUCS is expensive! We do our best with what we have.
Be contactable.
Rolling Subs: All pay £2.50.
Permanent Subs: (eg. Football) Total match fees collected must equal the 2.50x the number of starting players (who pays what is up to you).
Form in pigeon hole on weekly basis.
Must be paid in on the day after fixture.
Sport Brighton will...
Book venues
Confirm fixture details
Allocate travel
Officials where we can
Liaise with opposition
Rearrange fixtures where possible
Deal with BUCS
Deal with disputes
Send you important info via monthly newsletters
Social Safety
Guidance in Sports Fed Members Leaflet

What can I expect from my club?
You should not feel pressured to go against your own personal life choices.
You should not be discriminated against due to your background, sexuality, disability, age, race or gender.
You should expect your club to be a safe and friendly place to go and meet.
You should expect appropriate levels of instruction for your chosen sport.
You should not be forced to do anything you feel uncomfortable with.
Student clubs are student run so do not take anything for granted. If you do not feel comfortable about the safety of your activity then ask questions and do not accept that the persons in that club know best.
A student at Stirling University choked to death on his own vomit outside a bar

Most university health centres have reported deaths directly attributed to alcohol

Southampton Initiation survey results - 22% of students reported acts of physical abuse and a further 14% of sexual abuse, 89% of athletes believed that initiation ceremonies humiliated Freshers.

Staffordshire University - Death of a first year student in from acute alcohol poisoning and asphyxiation as a direct result of an ‘initiation ceremony’
The Sports Federation does not permit activities which could be deemed as ‘initiations’. The Sports Federation uses the following definition to determine if activities are deemed as ‘initiations’:

Any activity expected (implied or explicit) of someone joining a group that humiliates, degrades, abuses or endangers, regardless of the person's willingness to participate. This does not include activities such as going out with your members, unless an atmosphere of humiliation, degradation, abuse or danger arises.

Sports Federation Clubs should take care to ensure that their activities do not fall into this category. Clubs conducting activities that fall into this definition or those activities deemed as misconduct as per the University’s Formal Regulations, will be subject to a formal Sports Federation Disciplinary process
Breaches of the guidelines will result in a disciplinary hearing, carried out by the Sport’s Federation. The penalties could be, but are not limited to, the following:
Removal of individuals from BUCS competition
Removal of teams from BUCS competition
Removal of clubs from BUCS competition
Expulsion of club and individuals from Sports Federation
Criminal prosecution
Academic disciplinary possibly resulting in dismissal from the University of Brighton.

If the incident occurs at the end of a playing season, the punishments may be levied for the following year.

Please note that indulging in conduct which might bring the University into disrepute may also constitute a breach of the University Regulations and the University may decide to take appropriate action against you in accordance with those regulations.
Failure to follow your duty of care
Duty of Care for ALL club activities including socials
Buddy systems
Common sense! Crossing roads, walking home late.
Inform participant of expectations from you and them
Social Safety Summary
You are in public areas, children, residents and others may not appreciate loud, boisterous behavior and even traveling in groups is intimidating. This includes use of bad language!
Don't wear kit with the University’s name on it.
Inform all your members to not talk to journalists or act up to the cameras.
Be safe- don't take unnecessary risks.
Don't take any valuables!
What goes on tour does not always stay on tour!
The Package
Gold Teams: £130
Men's Badminton
Women’s Badminton
Men’s Football
Women's Rugby
Men’s Rugby

Silver Teams: £65 (Various weekly BUCS teams receiving coaching support)

Bronze BUCS: £25 (all other weekly BUCS teams)

Bronze Standard: £10
The Card
Provides personal injury insurance and also affiliates you to the Sports Federation

Sports Federation activities are subsidised by Sport Brighton

We give you until the 1st November (19th October for Gold Teams) to buy this card so you can try it before you have to commit financially!
Your Club
Sport Brighton
Class Timetables
Classes free for gym members
Great way to get your club members fitter for the season ahead
Book online
Diverse programme
Sporting Pathway
Gym Memberships
1 month or year long membership
Access to all sites
£115 year membership- available until Sept 30th
Your role on a committee is volunteering
You can also volunteer in other ways:
Match reporting
Event support
Volunteer rewards
Sports Awards- get recognised
University of Brighton Clubs have faced disciplinary in the last couple of years for club conduct - as a result; all clubs are considered to be at risk of severe University Disciplinary Procedures
Marie Curie
BUCS Official Sponsorship Partner
National partnership activities:

Term one: ‘Question of Sport’ down loadable quiz
Term two: Volunteering with Swimathon and the Great Daffodil Appeal
Term three: Compete in Swimathon and ‘Move out, clear out’ for our shops

Launching a national competition for Universities to gain 'points' for fund raising events
Engage – don’t just broadcast, it’s called social media for a reason, give people a reason to come back.

Start conversations and ask questions – people love to talk about themselves!

Use videos where appropriate.

Favorite people’s tweets who say nice things about you, and RT/share relevant posts.

Check your old posts, don't let a previous committee come to haunt you!

Read twice, post once! Check Urban Dictionary/Twitter to avoid #Fails:

#SUSANALBUMPARTY – Susan Boyles Album Party
#HOBBITCH – Hobbit film release in Switzerland (CH)
It’s not a personal account; you can still have a friendly tone without commenting on the latest music video from your favourite band

Watch your spelling, grammar and punctuation, you don’t have to sound like the Queen but avoid cutting words short or using ‘r’ and ‘u’.

Don’t argue or reply in an unprofessional manner to negative feedback or criticism. If you feel the conversation is getting heated, take it offline – DM, PM, or email.

Don’t copy and paste the same message from twitter on Facebook or vice versa. Different mediums = difference audiences

Don’t comment on political affairs, religion or anything that may cause controversy no matter how topical it is.

Photos – limit stock photography, make sure they are the correct size and really sell your club in a positive light
If you are the main user of the account and are graduating, hand over admin rights and log in details to another member before the end of the academic year. This will ensure continuity for your account over the summer, and it will be in place for Freshers’ Week when a lot of new students will be interested in joining. Sports teams can give Sport Brighton access to their accounts over the summer to ensure that they are handed over to new committees – email c.l.j.slater@brighton.ac.uk

BUCS Team Sheets
Not just for me...

"To ensure those players listed meet BUCS eligibility regulations; all players prior to a fixture start are
required to confirm their identity and entitlement by way of appropriate photographic identification
which has been verified as satisfactory by their athletics union or equivalent."

BUCS Team Sheets
Copies of team/match fee sheets will be sent to pigeon holes prior to fixtures

Sheets & Fees must be returned to a Sport Brighton reception the day after your fixture... Please!
Individual Event Entries
Sport Brighton will send you info for individual events - entry dates etc.
Check the BUCS website for advance notice, let us know of any entries ASAP - more notice the better!
Financial contribution from student required for overnight stay.
Reputational Risk
As a student of the University of Brighton you have a responsibility to conduct yourselves in an appropriate manner.

Ultimately we want you to contribute positively to our local communities and be seen as ambassadors of the University

This includes (not exclusively)
Illegal activity; indecent exposure, street drinking, vandalism
Negative perceptions; large groups, social issues, litter, language
Graduates who participated in sport at university earn an average £5,824 (18 per cent) more per year than their non-sporting counterparts.

112 of the UK’s top blue-chip graduate employers were involved in the research: nine in 10 (94 per cent) identified a clear link between university sport participation and valuable skills and strengths in potential employees

Those that volunteer within sports clubs are the most likely to not experience unemployment
'I would say sport is one area of extra-curricular activity that may indeed be viewed positively as a demonstration of team work, leadership capabilities, community engagement, or perhaps innovation, resilience or learning agility.'
Civil Service
Source: The Impact of Engagement in Sport on Graduate Employability; Sheffield Hallam, Sport Industry Research Centre
Check entry requirements.
To Do:
Ensure all players bring photo ID (Sports Fed cards) to fixtures to be checked against team sheet
On Fixture Day:
- Ensure you have team sheets (one for you, one for them)

- Swap team sheets with opposition captain & sign

- Verify names with photo ID (not essential, but fixture cannot be appealed if not undertaken)

- Allow enough time before fixture/delegate

- Questionable players (no ID) should be indicated on both forms

- Concerned? Complete a Playing Under Protest Form ASAP and contact Sport Brighton

- Medical Exemptions - players from higher teams may compete in one fixture for a lower team if accompanied by an authorised Medical Exemption form - Speak to Beth ASAP BEFORE you would like to do this

Or... photocopy your team's cards & keep the sheet with you for all fixtures
Unsure of a player's eligibility? Ask us!
Sports Club Coordinator
Beth Garner
- Provide admin support for all Sports Fed clubs
- Communication (Newsletters/Events)
- Here to help (facilities, fixtures, general queries)
- Keep me in the loop with events etc.
- BUCS competitions
Every win adds to University of Brighton's overall BUCS points...
(Out of 144)
Pledge example:
Being part of our club not only offers a chance to play our sport but also to build friendships. As a club we will organise social activities alongside our sporting sessions. Non attendance will not have any impact on your future involvement in club sporting activities but we hope you can join us. We will support your personal choices and will not put pressure on you to drink alcohol or to do anything against your will. Our club as a member of the Sports Federation are committed to providing safe and fun activities, inclusive to all. If you have any concerns you can speak in confidence to either a member of the committee or to Sport Brighton staff representatives.
Potential financial input or entry criteria for your sport.
Lots of sports e.g. canoe, shooting...
Match Fees
Collect sheets from your pigeon holes each week
Fill in as much as possible before fixture
Exchange with oppo and sign
Playing under protest?
Travel Code
The Code...
"Come on Ref..."
Late Start
Contact Sport Brighton
- Office Phone 01273 642871

- Results and Fixture Problems 07880 731111

- Email studentsports@brighton.ac.uk

Or pop in and see us!
Stand out from the other graduates. Maximise your opportunities:

BUCS Leadership Programme
Train up- First Aid
Experience- Leadership, H&S, Web skills, new initiatives, community and social responsibility.
Student Services CV workshops- Know how to demonstrate the skills you have gained.
Get recognised- Sports Awards (16th May)
This season Sport Brighton will operate a
Zero-Tolerance policy
towards walkovers.

This is because walkovers are...

Expensive: Up 10 £750 a game, not to menytion other costs which we would
much rather spend on kits, equipment and coaching for you!

Detrimental: Your league standing affects the University's ranking as a sporting
instutution. Walkovers cost us lots of penalty points, points that you worked hard to achieve all year!

Consequences: Any walkover will trigger an automatic review of the team.
There will be a meeting to discuss the walkover and the team's future entry into competition.

The club at fault is always liable for the fine and maybe some of the admin costs!
Up next:
Break Outs.

Stay in this room.
Basketball, Football, Hockey, Netball, Rugby
2 .
Bevandean 102
. American Football, Badminton, Cycling, Cheer, Cricket, Equestrian, Futsal, Lacrosse, Swim, Tennis, Ultimate, Volleyball
3 .
Bevandean 104.
Archery, Boxing, BSMS, Dance, Gymnastics, Handball, Jitsu, Karate, Korfball, Motorsports, Pole, Polo, Softball, Surf, UBSSC

Take a Stand
Sports Federation Cards
Rationale behind cards/ pricing.
All those taking part in your clubs need a Sports Federation Card.
Student sign/ declare their awareness of risk and responsibility.
Provides personal injury insurance for your members.
All clubs to get an email and social media friendly toolkit which they can forward to club members requesting they take out membership.

Need to know who in your club has cards:
Spot check at sessions.
Ask Sport Brighton
Our (Sport Brighton) responsibilities:
where is the cat

Health and Safety
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