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The Impact of TV Advertising on society

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gurshiv dunglay

on 24 July 2013

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Transcript of The Impact of TV Advertising on society

Advertisements & it's effect on people
Advertising is a form of communication for marketing and used to encourage or persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners; sometimes a specific group) to continue or take some new action. Most commonly, the desired result is to drive consumer behavior with respect to a commercial offering, although political and ideological advertising is also common.Some advertisements are entertaining, some are based around comedy and some are there to put a serious message across e.g. Oxfam.
An example of a advert most
people will find entertaining:
An example of a comedic
advert is:
Some advertisements eventually become annoying
such as the Go Compare advertising campaign, but
this is effective as the companies name will be remembered
because the advert will stick in peoples head because
it is annoying
Any Questions
the End
This advertisement is of old spice which maybe seen as entertaining because of its comedic value and the storyline of the advert. The target audience for this advertisement
is males aged between 16-45 as it is trying to say that
to smell more like a man you have to use Old Spice.
This advert was directed by Tom Kuntz. This advertisement has also developed a catchphrase "the man your man could smell like". This advertisement cost around $20,000 to make.
Aleksandr Orlov (Russian) : is a computer generated imaginary fictional anthropomorphic Russian meerkat. He is portrayed as being of aristocratic stock, and the founder of www.comparethemeerkat.com. The character is central to an advertising campaign on British commercial television for comparethemarket.com, a price comparison website. Orlov's catchphrase is 'Simples', pronounced 'Seem-pels'. The voice used in this ad is of Simmon Greenall.This advertisement might be seen as comedic because of the whimsical character in the advertisement, the target audience for this advert would be people who are currently looking for car insurance aged between 17-50.
This advert may become annoying after a while because of the poor acting and the soundtrack to the advert but this method is effective as the company name will stick in the audiences heads. The target audience for this advertisement is people seeking insurance aged between 17-50 .
An example of an advert with a strong message:
Message of the Advertisement
buy the car beacause everyone wants one.
buy a kia and experience one-of-a-kind adventure
Target Audience
Those who want to buy a new car
People who want an "awesome adventure."
logical fallacies
Appeal to popular opinion.
False cause and effect.
Types to Advertisements
television commercial
radio advertisement
blogs, websites
Advertising Techniques
Use of celebrities - Isaiah mustafa who is an actor/ sportsmen is used in this commercial to persuade the target audience to buy the product.

Testimonials - The advantage of using testimonials is instant recognition and interest. As they have used Isaiah Mustafa. who shares his personal experience thereby the audience are more likely to believe that person .
Oxfam is an international confederation of 17 organisations working in more than 90 countries worldwide. In this ad they are trying to highlight the global issue of poverty and injustice. It is shown that if everyone works together then we can overcome the injustice around the world.This advert may be seen to have a message because it is appealing for people to help their fellow humans. The target audience for this advertisement is anyone between the ages of 16-80+.
Advertising Techniques
Bandwagon Effect - It means that someone should do something because everyone is doing it. even in this advert it shows that everyone wants the one so you should also have it ex - In a parade where people go by on bandwagons and people in the crowd have urge to 'hop on.'
Example of some Analogies:
Examples of equivocation
Examples of some Slogans
Types of Advertising Techniques
Example of a Advert most
people will find annoying :
An example of a comedic advert:
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