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Copy of Right2BSafe Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Campaign 2011-2013

A local primary prevention campaign to help prevent child sexual abuse in Hauraki and Thames / Coromandel

Rachel Harrison

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Right2BSafe Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Campaign 2011-2013

Strategies to help prevent CSA
Year 2 - 2012-2013
Right2BSafe Champions
Local people wanting to make a difference
Communications Phase
Getting the message out there!
Underpinning the Project
Base-line surveys
Primary prevention campaign to prevent child sexual abuse in the Hauraki and Thames/Coromandel regions (2011-2012 )
Community readiness...
Libraries - HDC & TCDC
Resources for helping services
Raised awareness
Small sample survey of local caregivers/ schools/ clubs to find out how they rated their strategies for keeping children safer from sexual abuse
Rated themselves for prevention strategies
When asked about what those strategies were, most said 'keeping an eye on the kids' and 'watching who they were with'.
All wanted more info/ tips
"We don't know what we need to know".
Researcher/evaluator from the start (evaluation of the process and the results)
Prevention Strategies
Tip sheets
Magnets & Posters
Media strategy
Consultation Grp / Champions' contacts
Market Days
Public Health Nurses/
District Nurses/
Talks with local groups
Over 2000 magnets and 1200 posters
Main Street
Work and Income
“I just want to say thank you! I have been ensuring I read your articles every week and have found them to be very helpful with things I wouldn't have even thought about as a parent of a young child. It has been awesome and we have discussed touching rules more in depth at home compared to what we did previously and they are now on the fridge! My son is just now wanting to start to stay at friends places not just family and so this is perfect timing for my family.” Thames Resident
Literature review
Evaluation report due in December!
Tip sheets
Consultation group
Media releases
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