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Southern Colonies

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Mikayla Collins

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Southern Colonies

The Southern Colonies during the 1600s-1760s
The economic aspects of the Southern Colonies were similar in several ways. All of the colonies were involved with agricultural production of products such as cotton, rice, timber, indigo, and tobacco. Colonies such as North and South Carolina and Georgia provide plenty of fertile land that can be useful in large scale production. Along with the agricultural farming, the south has built a strongly substantial trade network with the natives and surrounding colonies. This combination of well developed economy comes from the hard working citizens that maintain their success.
Along with a strong economy, the southern colonies had strong based social beliefs. They welcomed diverse populations because of the freedom of race and religion policy. Many of the colonies like Maryland and Georgia even passed laws to ensure that anyone could be free to live by their beliefs without persecution. The families of the south are responsible for the region’s agricultural success by working together during harvest time. Children are even given off time from school to help gather the crop. Because of the need for more helping hands on the farm, population rates are steadily increasing which helps boost economic and political polls.
The people also have more freedom to voice their opinions in the south. Voting is not subjugate to certain religious groups and is in fact optional to all free men. The constitutions in the southern colonies are fairly written to ensure that the people are the ones with the power. The Declaration of Rights in Maryland and the Fundamental Constitution of Carolina are written to guarantee that the state representatives stay true to the requirements of the law. Other colonies are governed by elected representatives and a separate chamber of delegates to make sure that everyone upholds the constitution.
The Southern colonies as a whole have developed a strong society that represents all the aspects necessary for success. Through their open minded perspectives, the south has adopted an extremely diverse society that welcomes people of all races and religion. These hard working people of the south have built and maintained a healthy economy through agriculture and trade. Both the friendly society and business based economy both contribute to their accommodating political structure that meets the needs of all people. Investing in the Southern Colonies would be a smart decision that would benefit anyone. In short, investing in the south would be an investment in your future.
Southern Colonies
The Southern Colonies are the best of the best of English colonization. Considering their amazing climate and geography, the southern colonies are the perfect place for their agriculturally based economy. The Southern colonies are the most successful when it comes to agriculture. They thrive in producing cash crops such as cotton, indigo, tobacco, and rice. The colonies have a very strong central government, and they consist of many diverse religions, and ethnicities.
by Mikayla Collins, Ruth Yoseph, Julie Flores, Max Aguilar, Jordan Barge, Tyler McLauren, Cameron Criswell, Kelsey Cornelius, & Terra Campbell
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Timeline of the Southern Colonies
-1607: Virginia founded by London Company
-1637: Maryland founded by Lord Baltimore and Sir Celcius Calvert
-1639: Declaration of Right adopted in Maryland
-1649: The Maryland Toleration Act passed
-1663: North Carolina founded by a group of eight lord proprietors
-1669: Fundamental Constitution of Carolina adopted
-1719: South Carolina founded as separate royal colony by eight lord proprietors
-1729: North Carolina returned to crown rule by proprietors
-1732: James Oglethorpe founded Georgia
-1754: Georgia is reverted under English Rule

Geography &
Climate of the Southern Colonies
-Geography: Plenty of lakes, rivers/river systems, mountains & mountain ranges, swamps, coastal plains, & beautiful beaches

-Climate: cool summers, short mild winters (in some places) as well as cold winters, & a regular to average amount of rainfall

Cash Crops of the Southern Colonies
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