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Excellent Exponents

No description

Veronica Chavez

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Excellent Exponents

THANK YOU Veronica Chavez Exponent Real World Application EXCELLENT
EXPONENTS Evaluate using the order of operations (PEMDAS)
1. 12 + 4 (2)
2. (25 + 5) ÷ 3(2)-5+10
3. (3) (3)
4. (-5) (-5)(-5)
5. (-3/4) (-3/4) Bell Work
Use your Math Journal to: = n x n x n = n³ Cube n n n = 3 x 3 = 3² = 9 3 Columns 3 Rows Exponents represented in models Write each number as a power of the given base.
8; base 2 = _____
49; base 7 = _____
-125: base -5 = _____ Writing Powers Exponential Form Evaluating Powers
Simplifying Expressions WE DO:
x – y(z·y²) for x=2, y= 4, z=3

s + (t ͧ-1) for s=10, t=2, u=5 Work as a group to evaluate and/or simplify the exponent problems.
Once your group has an answer, raise the flag and wait to be called on.
Each student in the group must present a correct solution to obtain the total amount of points for each answer. EXPONENT JEOPARDY GAME RULES JEOPARDY GAME LINK
http://www.math-play.com/Exponents-Jeopardy/Exponents-Jeopardy.html LET’S PLAY JEOPARDY! Vocabulary:
Power: expression written with an exponent
Base: number that is used as a factor
Exponent: number that indicates how many times the base is used as a factor
Expanded Form: repeated multiplication of writing an exponent
Exponential Form: when a number or variable is written with a base and an exponent.
One example of how exponents can be applied to the real world is ... Exponent Song Please complete problems from textbook page 164 problems 1-10 even and #31, #42, #45.

Tomorrow quiz on exponents!! Individual Practice Homework Base Exponent 2 Vocabulary Lookout:
Expanded Form
Exponential Form Exponents A certain bacterium splits into 2 bacteria every hour. There is 1 bacterium on a slide. How many bacteria will be on the slide after 5 hours? Application of Exponents 3 base = 3 exponent = 2 base = n exponent = 3 What Did We Learn? youtube.com/watch?v=QIZTruxt2rQ&playnext=1&list=PLB6BCB2537F70533E
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