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I want to show you my presentation, that compares culture, l

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Даулет Болатжан

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of I want to show you my presentation, that compares culture, l

I want to show you my presentation, that compares culture, language and life of the two countries. The presentation consists of six parts, so I will compare the six different categories.
1. language
2. lifestyle
3. culture
4. National Costume
5. holidays
6. sport

1. Language
The United Kingdom does not have a constitutionally defined official language. English is the main language (being spoken by more than 90% of the UK population) and is thus the de facto official language.

Other native languages to the Isles include Welsh, Irish, Ulster Scots, Cornish, Gaelic and British Sign Language.

Go to Kazakhstan
Kazakh is the state language; Russian is the official language of Kazakhstan. In our country there are more than 130 nationalities and Kazakh is spoken by approximately 60% of the Kazakhstan population
2. Lifestyle
As a nation, the Brits tend not to use superlatives and may not appear terribly animated when they speak. This does not mean that they do not have strong emotions; merely that they do not choose to put them on public display. They are generally not very openly demonstrative, and, unless you know someone well, may not appreciate it if you put your arm around their shoulder. Kissing is most often reserved for family members in the privacy of home, rather than in public. You'll see that the British prefer to maintain a few feet of distance between themselves and the person to whom they are speaking. If you have insulted someone, their facial expression may not change.

The British are very reserved and private people. Privacy is extremely important. The British will not necessarily give you a tour of their home and, in fact, may keep most doors closed. They expect others to respect their privacy. This extends to not asking personal questions. The question, “Where are you from?” may be viewed as an attempt to “place” the person on the social or class scale. Even close friends do not ask pointedly personal questions, particularly pertaining to one’s financial situation or relationships.

Let's go to Kazakhstan
Kazakh people are modest too. They don’t express their emotions on public. Since ancient times our people are notable for their hospitality. Being nomads in past time they lived in movable dwelling (yurta). At that time it was ordinarily for Kazakh family to have many children (5-9). Several yurtas were jointed in a small village (aul), where everybody knows each other. A village was as one big family. That’s why privacy is alien to Kazakh people. But now we live in other time. Many things are changed. Our people have some common features with European and American people.
Cultural and artistic life in Britain is rather rich. It passed several main stages in its development.
Art, culture and literature flowered during the Elizabethan age. It was the period of English domination of the oceans. It was at this time that William Shakespeare lived.
Monuments and traces of past greatness are everywhere. There are buildings of all styles and periods. A great number of museums and galleries display precious and interesting finds from all parts of the world and from all stages in the development of nature, man and art.
London is one of the leading world centers for music, drama, opera and dance. Festivals held in towns and cities throughout the country attract much interest.
William Shakespeare, John Milton, William Wordsworth, Christopher Marlowe, Ben Johnson, Samuel Coleridge, Thomas Dekker are the famous cultural workers of the Britain.

and culture of Kazakhstan
Really British culture is very attractive and rich. And although Kazakhstan is very young country in comparison with Britain Kazakh culture is deeply rooted. Traveling on spacious Kazakh lands your can see many ancient monuments of culture: different ruins, remains, stone sculptured figures, mausoleums etc. One of the most popular architectural monuments preserved to our time is mausoleum of Akhmed Yassayi in Turkestan. Many found precious finds and things of life are an evidence of the culture, way of life of the ancient people who lived on the Kazakh lands. One of the famous precious finds of ancient times Gold Man was found in Kazakh town Esik in South-Kazakhstan oblast.
As you know Kazakh in the past times leaded nomadic life. That’s why all spheres of their life were concerned with nature, environment. For example, national ornament of Kazakh people resembles a horn of lamb. Now Kazakhstan represents combination of the west (modern) and east (national) cultures. Astana is a symbol of Kazakhstan. There are many culture centers, museums, cinemas, theatres.
The eminent cultural workers of Kazakhstan were Abai Kunanbayev, Mukhtar Auezov, Shakarim Kudaiberdiev, Sabit Mukanov, Ybyrai Altynsarin and other. Thanks to their works widespread all over the world Kazakhstan become interesting and attractive for other counties.

for the United Kingdom, there is no national costume though the individual countries have distinctive forms of national dress: Scotland has the kilt, accompanied by sporran and sgian dubh, as well as the Tam O'shanter; England has the costumes of Morris dancers.
National costume
Let's see kazakh national costumes
There are national costume of Kazakhstan: for women and for men. In the past time women was clothed in long high-necked bell-bottomed gown with flounces, long waistcoat patterned with national ornament. A head-dress of kazakh women is Saukele. It is high cone-shaped cap patterned with owl feathers and bordered with fur.
As for men they wear long-sleeved shirt, trousers and waistcoat patterned with national ornament too. They wear long coat named Shapan and a cap named Borik.
It was clothes of our ancestors. Now kazakh people wear as European and American people. Only on national holidays women and men acting on concerts wear these costumes.

By the way, about national holidays: in the UK there are fewer public holidays than in other European countries. They are: Christmas day, Boxing day, New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Spring Bank Holiday and Summer Bank Holiday. Public holidays in Britain are called bank holidays, because the banks as well as most of the offices and shops are closed.
The most popular holiday is Christmas. Every year the people of Norway give the city of London a present. It’s a big Christmas tree and it stands in Trafalgar city. Central streets are beautifully decorated.
Christmas is a family holiday. Relatives usually meet for the dinner of turkey and Christmas pudding. And everyone gives and receives presents. The 26th of December, Boxing day, is an extra holiday after Christmas Day. This is a time to visit friends and relatives or perhaps sit at home and watch football.
New Year’s Day is less popular in Britain than Christmas. But in Scotland, Hogmanay is the biggest festival of the year

and, how about kazakh holidays?
Official holidays in the Republic of Kazakhstan are the following: the New Year’s Eve (January 1-2), the International Women Day (the 8th of March), Nauryz meiramy (22nd of March), the Day of International solidarity of the Working People (the 1st of May), the Day of the Republic (25th of October), the Day of Independence (16th of December).
One of the national holidays is Nauryz meiramy. It is a Holiday of Spring and renovation. Our forefathers celebrated the New Year’s Eve right in Spring, on the day of vernal equinox.
Traditionally Nauryz or Novruz is celebrated in Muslim countries though this holiday has never been purely religious one and contained none of canonic elements whatsoever. The manner of celebrating the holiday adheres to humanistic provisions of both traditional religious conceptions and secular states of the Orient.
Indeed it takes a whole week of festive national gatherings in streets and squares accompanied by specific public merrymaking (take, for instance, unique Kazakh “Altybakan”) and sumptuous feasts (invariably in each house they cook a so called “nauryz kozhe”).

Football is the national sport in Britain. Tennis, skating, skiing, racing are also popular in the UK.
The FOOTBALL was born in Great Britain
which sports are popular in Kazakhstan?
In Kazakhstan the following sports are popular: free-style wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling, boxing, skiing, and calisthenics.
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