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Vision: "To be the world's best service restaurant and take

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Thuy Tuong

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of Vision: "To be the world's best service restaurant and take

Key success factors
A shift from Cost leadership to differentiation strategy
Standardized products
cost efficiency
Research and development
Adapted to multi-cultures
Responded to customer demands with agility
Developed healthier menu choices
Invested in public relation in response to environmental concerns
Information systems at McDonald's
Transaction Information System (TPS)
Decision Support System (DSS)
Management Information System (MIS)

Transaction Information System (TPS)
Collecting, storing, modifying and retrieving the transactions of an organization.
conducting business transactions, such as: payroll, emloyee record keeping or paying an employee
Keeping track of supplier information, such as: name, address, quantity of items purchased and invoice amounts.
Decision Support System (DSS)
"To be the world's best service restaurant and take over the global food-service industry."

: "To provide excellent quality, service, and value, so that we make every customer feel satisfied."

"Our values to provide good quality, services to customer in cleanliness environment when customer enjoys their meal."
DSS is computer applications with a human component used to model data for quality decision making
Ex: using wireless internet to gather information about customer practice, length of stay and sales' levels to improve the service

Mangement Information System (MIS)
MIS is a system which provides crucial information to manage organizations effectively and efficiently.
3 main components:
People-customers (the most important component)
3 main purposes:
Provide profitability
Provide information needed to help managers and staff understand the business performance
Future planning

Advantages of Information System at McDonald's

Cost effectiveness
Increase productivity
Effort and time reduce
Customer waiting time reduce
Product Order System (POS):
reduces time for preparing orders, cooks and reduce human errors, limits paper use, and automatically reports payroll and information for marketing and accounting
Current event:
"Mc Donald's to Roll Out New 'Dual-Point' Ordering System"
Mc Donald's rolled out the new system that has an overhead screen flashes the order numbers when they are ready. This prevents customers cluttering around the register area.

Disadtanvages of Information System at McDonald's
McDonald's restaurants are built on one system.
Power shutdown causes delayed or canceled orders.
System security problems may occur if Mc Donald's fails to update secure network.
Mc Donald's could minimize its dependency on technology to avoid future issues with complex systems. It could develop employee training with basic tasks when the system shuts down.
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