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Daniel Raynor

on 9 June 2011

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Transcript of Signposting

Signposting When giving a presentation it is important to organise information into a clear and logical order. Effective
Easy to follow 'Signpost language' is the words and phrases that people use to tell the listener what has just happened, and what is going to happen next What is 'signposting' in a presentation? Language that you use to connect your presentations and your slides so that your audience can follow you and understand what you are doing. Language that you use to c______ your p________ and your slides so that your a_______ can f_______ you and u________ what you are doing. 1. Introducing
2. Overview
3. Transition (finishing / starting a section
4. Summarising
5. Inviting questions Signpost language guides the listener through the presentation. So why use signposting? Signposting language Opening language

To start with...
To begin with...
First... Changing topics

We have talked about A, now lets discuss ...
move on to ...
turn to ...
talk about ... Concluding

To sum up...
To conclude...
Finally... Presentation for visitors of your country Task You are going to make a short presentation for visitors to your country
The presentation should last around 3 minutes
Choose one piece of signpost language from each section of the worksheet.
- List and practice key vocabulary
- Prepare 3 sections

- Prepare 3 questions for your colleagues Choose 3 adjectives that remind you of where are you from

- Speaking activity Speak for one minute
(No hesitations)

Speaker - 1 point for each word not guessed
Listener - 1 point for each word guessed correctly
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