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The Australian Roma

No description

Katie Galbreath

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of The Australian Roma

The Australian Romani
by Katie Galbreath

History of Roma In Australia
First came on "First Fleet" in 1788
In 1898, 26 Greek Romani were forced to take a ship to Australia (They mistakenly landed in Adelaide).
Immigration Restriction Act of 1901
England also used Australia as a means to exile Romanichal people because of Australia's use as a penal colony.
Australian Romani Today
25,000 Australian Romani . By comparison, there are 12 million Romanies living in Europe.
Many Romani residing in Australia live and work in the cities and towns; they study at universities as well.
Main clans today are English Romanies, Kalderash and Roma from Eastern Europe after World War II.
Annual gathering held at Byron Bay.
National Associations and Literature
Books by Yyonne Lee include Torn Away Forever and Australia and Romanies.
Life Society of Australia: website is not updated past 2009, but it used to provide a quarterly newsletter, held cultural events and help Roma immigrants.
Romani International Australia
Sinti Romanic United Community Association of Queensland: More updated, includes FaceBook page.

Life of an Australian Roma: Yvonne Slee
Lived in the U.K. and Europe before moving back to Brisbane.
Moved to Melbourne to open Romani Café.
Enrolled her son in a Romani school in Adelaide.
Wrote several books.
President of Sinti Romanic Association; helps runs other Romanic organizations in Australia.

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