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The Beauty Bar: Society's impossible standards

No description

Brittany Cook

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of The Beauty Bar: Society's impossible standards

Society's Impossible Standards The Beauty Bar Thesis Logos Conclusion In today's society women are held to an unreasonable standard of beauty due to such a heavy influence of television and other media outlets. Counter Arguments The cause of the "Beauty Bar" being so high are women's own attention seeking nature. This being said, they would naturally strive to look better than the next. •5-10% of anorexics die within 10 years after contracting the disease and 18-20% of anorexics will be dead after 20 years. So in conclusion, media is responsible for the "Beauty bar" that is set for women. Not only by whats shown on t.v. or in music videos but also in magazines and video games as well. Women in media are portrayed as sex symbols and idolized as such, but for the regular everyday woman who is not a size two or stacked with a bottle shape figure such beauty is unreachable. The media should take steps to help lower the beauty bar by encouraging women to love themselves. According to the article “Feeling inferior and super responsible at the same time” they write “So, built into women's roles is a mechanism for creating self-doubt, insecurity, and a tendency to take on too much.” There are tons of women different shapes and sizes that don't feel this so called "Media Pressure" In Maysa Rawi’s article “Big is Beautiful? Plus size models spark health debate at Sydney Fashion Festival” she writes “Australian department store Myres hosted a ‘Big Is Beautiful’ show during a Sydney Fashion Festival.” Seeing these women in high places with a certain body type doesn't lead to eating disorders. Media isn't the problem. “Poor parenting by both mothers and fathers has been implicated in eating disorders.” is written on the web page “Eating Disorders - Causes.” Pathos Many women, in feeling inadequate or even to keep work in the modeling industry, lose weight on an already thin body. Brittany Cook Is this What Beauty is to you? Citations http://www.mirasol.net/eating-disorders/information/eating-disorder-statistics.php •Eating disorder statistics provided by the National Eating Disorder Association indicate that 10 million American women suffer from eating disorders. •75% of American women believe they are too fat, sound strange? Not when taken into account that female models & actresses are 23% thinner than the average woman & thinner than 95% of the female population. Women can also feel like they wont find a partner in life if they don't look a certain way. Soon they lose confidence in themselves and become jealous of their friends or any couple in general. Lastly women can feel like they can't compare to a celebrity or a models good looks and will again lose confidence in herself or will begin to hurt herself to try and emulate their size or looks. "Television & Health" Csun. edu. Csun, N.D. Web. 26 Oct. 2012 Tucker - Ladd, Dr. Clay "Dependency & Conformity" Psychological Self Help Ch.8. Web. N.D. Rawi, Maysa. “Big is Beautiful? Plus size models spark health debate at sydney fashion festival.” Dailymail.co.uk.dailymail.co.uk, N.P., Web. 25 Aug. 2012. www.umm.edu. N.V. University of Maryland Medical Center, N.A. Web. 12 Dec. 2012.
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