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Copy of Dave Green: NPQH

No description

Dave Green

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Dave Green: NPQH

Delivering continuous improvement
Modelling excellence in teaching
effectively articulates broad vision and fine standards
focuses on the aspects of teaching that make the most difference to pupils’ progress
can recognise good/outstanding leadership in teaching and learning
initiates and supports sharing of expertise, good practice and research
Learning focus
Resilience and emotional maturity
challenges others to speak and act in accordance with school values
implements appropriate decisions even if difficult or controversial
resolves conflict in a calm way; seeking support appropriately
responds positively when faced with personal criticism or setbacks, maintaining perspective
Impact and influence
articulates a compelling vision and unites others
prepares and calculates impact of actions and words
understands and employs others’ approaches when agreeing solutions
uses direct and indirect influence to build alliances and secure support
Personal drive and accountability
is clearly visible as a leader both internally and externally
takes a disciplined approach to work and demonstrates effective time management
uses a range of strategies and techniques to enhance own and others’ effectiveness
makes significant improvements in school performance
develops vision beyond the school
involves and inspires governors and stakeholders takes calculated risks, anticipates potentially adverse impact and identifies contingencies
has ability to design and implement a curriculum that reflects the needs, abilities and interests of pupils
makes effective use of new technologies to enhance teaching and learning
Dave Green: NPQH
Specific example
A popular TA made disparaging remarks about the school to a visitor. HR suggested level 2 warning. The union said no action should be taken for typical 'industrial language'. I went for level 4 dismissal. She resigned on the day of the final hearing.
Specific example
I made a two year plan with the whole staff, using development milestones to lock everyone into solutions at each stage.
was solved first with a QA template, followed by
. Rigorous observations/learning walks regularly established accountability, compliance, and built up an evidence bank for analysis. The
came after whole school INSET trials. Now all pupils have credible tracking sheets (praised by OFTED: '
creates an ethos and culture of high expectations consistently challenging low expectations
leads and participates in professional development focused on improving quality of teaching
shows a deep understanding of the issues pupils and parents face both in and outside school
ensures preconditions for learning are met by ensuring high standards of attendance, punctuality and behaviour
Partnership and collaboration
empowers colleagues and governors to network
initiates and develops structures and processes for keeping stakeholders informed
identifies, implements and evaluates priorities for partnerships
Efficient and effective
deploys all resources (financial, human and environmental) soundly and creatively
seeks sources of funding to widen the resource base
understands financial resource management
understands human resource and performance management and related legislation and distributes leadership and decision taking
understands environmental resource management and related legislation
creates appropriate structures and systems and ensures staff work consistently
creates systems for keeping up-to-date and securing advice from a broad range of sources
understands principles, models and statutory framework for quality assurance; monitors against planned goals, accounting to governors and others
Holding others to account
creates levels of accountability within the school, ensuring all understand their roles and responsibilities, standards required
can break down the strategy into logical components, using performance management effectively
demands high performance and spells out the consequences of non-compliance, and holds others to account
recognises and praises success
Through the shake up of alternative provision in Sheffield, I have, as Head of School at
Holgate Meadows Community School
EBD, 100 pupils
) steered the school to an OFSTED 'good' (
"formidable SLT"
), partnered
Heritage Park School
EBD, 100 pupils
) from 'inadequate' to 'requires improvement' (
SLT: 'good'
) and have now taken on the
Sheffield Inclusion Centre
PRU, 158 pupils
), currently 'inadequate' (
interim report: making progress under new SLT
). I have done this by:
sticking consistently to core values of improving life chances of
being present every day at all levels of the school
completing solutions briskly and transparently

Some decisions are never going to be popular, particularly working in contentious areas framed by EBD, attachment disorder, ADHD and ASD. The key questions are always:
what will be in the best long term interests of the pupil?
what will be in the best long term interests of the school?
what support do staff need to achieve these?
This means have robust oversight of:
safeguarding priorities
attendance and exclusions
use of restraints
staff resilience
the dignity of pupils and staff
My main project in terms of impact within the teaching and learning plan involved initiating and embedding a new system of data accountability, visual flightlines and individual long term targets. This was against a background (baseline) of:
inconsistent or non-existent data
poor, undifferentiated planning
no moderation or credible assessment
'optional' curriculum with no entitlement
The core value of improving life chances (
impact, outcomes
) is reflected in all the work I have initiated. For example:
starting every day with
for all pupils
targeted early accreditation (
use of iPads to record reflections of serious incidents for pupils
with all stakeholders and collating feedback (86
% positive: parents
initiating subject half days for extended off site study and experiences
I have used my advanced coaching expertise and employed recent research into effective support staff to involve all TAs closely in learning across the school. TAs now, when required:
work with the most able
run summer schools, visits, holiday clubs
lead parts of or whole lessons
plan with teachers
share all teaching and learning CPD with teachers (
common values and aims, shared impact and accountability
I also use the
targets for all pupils. I set long term targets for all based on mainstream standards and apply them rigorously to all of our work. This entails innovative approaches to teaching and learning. For example:
forming an '
inclusion team
' to complete key tasks at alternative venues
using single subject days to complete work on block
employing rewards linked to targeted engagement
collecting pupils from home for exams
using daily communication with parents/carers to focus on
I developed a new
vulnerability checklist
for all pupils which delivers a quotient (
via my own matrix
) allowing measurable tracking to take place around barriers to learning. I have developed this system across all partnership schools and in my
where I:
set up baseline data for the most vulnerable pupils
used pupil voice to link in thoughts, feelings and aspirations
establish parameters for identifying needs
set priorities for SLT and Governors to grow and embed
I have successfully run a
balanced budget for 2 years.
I have used limited resources to broaden our staff team with a
social worker
clinical psychology
time (
agreed staff priorities
I use pupil reward systems to empower pupils into balancing their team rewards against the costs of damage to the school building.
The balance is a fine one. I rigorously link appraisal to the matrix of teaching and learning evidence so as to iron out inconsistencies caused by pupil needs and vulnerabilities.
Pay progression
SEN points
are linked to the teaching and learning plan via coaching/appraisal meetings and mid term reviews.

Relief from this unrelenting pressure to progress and improve is provided by termly staff social events subsidized by not using supply staff in school!
Attendance 89% (previous: 65%).
80% of teaching at least good.
66% of pupils make at least good progress in English and Maths with 40% pupil turbulence.
Staff attendance highest ever (in lowest Sheffield mainstream quotient)
2 members of staff in S/A proceedings (previous: 4 conduct/cap., 4 S/A)
100% of pupils have individual flightline
86% parental engagement
82% parents positive
all staff trained to support
SLT analysis now by engagement, duration, KS-2 predictors, vulnerability
100% of pupils (on/off site) have entitlement curriculum
95% Eng Ma quals gained
95% non-NEET
Level 3 and 4 TAs demonstrate confidence and competency such that no supply staff have been used for 2 years.
100% of pupils have long term targets and UQ predictors linked to accreditation plans and pathways.
ponsor headteacher described impact on school systems and staff awareness and skills as 'profound'.
Damage to the building (total costs) reduced by 42% over one year.
Staff wellbeing quotient up from 3.5 to 3.7 in one year (criteria for school with overwhelmingly positive outlook and ethos).
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