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Kim Woo Bin

No description

진영 박

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Kim Woo Bin

Why i like it?
He is Kim Woo Bin.
He is my favorite actor.
So i will introduce about
him. And tell why i like him.
Let's began!!!!

First i will introduce him, before he began actor he was model. he thinks model need to have performance so he learn the acting.
When he active in model he did well.
Second, when he was teens he was very smart in class. Lots of teacher said Woo Bin is faithfulness and did well in grade.
In middle school he was ranks among the top three in his class. And he did entire school a vice president.
Third he doing well about acting.
This video is part of famous and best drama. Lots of fans like this dialogue.
And today there has new movie comes that name is "Friends 2". In there supervisor said to people about Kim Woo Bin is well in acting.
Also others actor said same as supervisor said it.
First, he is handsome.
Second, he is very kind to everyone
Third, he is very cute.

Kim Woo Bin
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