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#TASANov BYOT Huntsville ISD

No description

Amy Mayer

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of #TASANov BYOT Huntsville ISD

. . . Communicate
. . . Take Notes
Google Docs
Classroom Management
BYOT Huntsville ISD
lamp on
lamp off
. . . Find Information
Results: http://goo.gl/Du39b
. . . Provide Feedback
. . . Learn New Things
. . . Read
. . . Calculate
. . . Plan
. . . Collaborate
. . . Create
Big Questions:
Why do we need it?
How do we do it?
What are we going to do with it?
To give our kids connections to the outside world.

To add relevance to our instruction.

To modernize our teaching and learning practices.
(We need to be able to "Google it")

To leverage funds
Vastly expand our wireless system starting at the high school and junior high.

Create and implement a staff development plan.

Garner parent, community, and business support.
AT&T Partnership: http://goo.gl/0CCbT
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