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APUSH Political Cartoons

No description

Sarah Parrotte

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of APUSH Political Cartoons

Political Cartoons pants SOCIETY POLITICS World
War II Cold
War Vietnam
War WAR HI Political cartoons were used as a form of propoganda throughout American history, influencing opinions on topics such as war, social issues, and politics. Political cartoons were created as early as the revolutionary war,
and as time passed they would influence every war to follow - WWI, WW2, The Vietnam war within the Cold war, and more. Over time, social issues were varied. Key topics of
controversy included civil rights, debates about evolution,
labor laws, and more. Although political cartoons covered a wide range of topics, from laws to presidents, most took a clear side and ridiculed the opposition. Civil
Rights "social commentary beyond the boundaries
of the written word" (Parker) Political cartoons were used as propaganda by encouraging people to do, or not do things because of their ability to influence a large audience, due to their simplistic character, and recognizable messages. World
War I Politics Society Political cartoons often utilized patriotism to support their cause. Social propaganda often involved topics like civil rights or minority positions They can be found in numerous places, from early on newspapers, to the internet, or television. Political cartoons used slogans, caricature, and symbolism The first American political cartoon was made by Benjamin Franklin, before America was independent. Political cartoons then grew into a powerful tool for influencing the American people. Political cartoons often ridiculed politicians.
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