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Our Solar System

No description

Hull Elementary

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Our Solar System

Fact 2 already knew
Fact 1 that I already knew
Fact 3
Fact 2
Fact 1
The order from the closest planet to the sun in the solar system.
Which is.......
Mercury Jupiter
Venus Saturn
Earth Uranus
Mars Neptune
Jupiter has sixteen major moon and forty seven minor moons.
Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune is the only planets that have rings.But Jupiter,Neptune,and Uranus have faded rings.
Uranus is named after the Greek god of heaven and ruler of the world.
This book is about all 8 planets well used to be 9. The planets Mercury,Venus,
Earth,Mars,Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,and Neptune.The 9th planet Pluto,used to be a planet. If it was a planet everything in Kuiper Belt would be considered a planet too.Then we would have many other planets to name too. Our solar system is a very inportant part in outer space.Without any planets we would not learn about all our planets.Also like Mars without that planet we wouldn't have learn about rovers.And all the gas giants which are Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,
and Neptune.We wouldn't have discovered it was even a planet.These unique planets .

Author:Seymour Simon
Our Solar System
By:Erika Datu
Text Features
pictures of the solar system
headings of words i don't know like solar eclipse
pictures of the planets in the solar system
fonts that go in the index and dictionary
bold words to make sure to understand how the planets are made
the definitions to the words i can't understand or don't even know
What I Enjoyed
I enjoyed this book because science is my favorite subject and the solar system is one of my favorite topics in science were learning about.
I would recommend this book if you love science,and like non-fiction books.Like Our Solar System book,because it has amazing details on each page that you read.
Born: Aug.09,1931
Name:Seymour Simon
Born In: New York City
American Child Writer
Became A Science Teacher At The Of 23 Years Old

Fact 3 that i already knew
Pluto was know longer a planet and is in the Kuiper Belt.
Solar eclipse - When the moon comes between the sun and Earth and hides some of the light coming from the sun.
Sunspot-A cooler and darker spot that appears in groups and is linked to strong magnet fields.

Our solar system is I think the most important thing in space.Why?,because if we weren't in the solar system image a day without a sun.Also there would be no scientific research about space now.Like many other planets in space there is no better planets then our solar system.
I think this chronological order because your reading the book, in the planets solar system closest to the sun in order. And it goes to Mercury to Neptune.
Author:Seymour Simon
Book Genre:Non Fiction
Sub-genre: Informational
Type of Informational text:
literary non fiction
Main topic of the book: Its
about planets in our solar
The center of the sun is the size of the planet Jupiter.
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