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A STEM Partnership Takes Flight

No description

Abby Pheiffer

on 1 December 2016

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Transcript of A STEM Partnership Takes Flight

Robotics Take Flight
Inspiring High School Girls by Saving Endangered Species
Kashmir World Foundation
The Nuts and Bolts of Learning
Good and Goals
Partners in a Learning Process
Fortuitous Opportunity
Foxcroft hosts a flight day
A friendship is born
Mission Appropriate
Kashmir World Foundation's mission and model for teaching robotics were best-practice for engaging girls in technology and engineering
Kashmir Robotics, a technology division of KwF, integrates aircraft and ground robots with
anti-poaching systems to protect endangered species
DaVinci Challenge
Our girls attended a Kashmir Robotics DaVinci Challenge Build a Drone Workshop to learn design, fabrication and operation of a drone
Participants learn about 3D printing, integration of robotic systems and flying techniques as they build a quadcopter or hexacopter
Preparing Our Students for Success
A Gender Gap to Innovation study (Aug 2011) revealed that women represent a mere 24% of the STEM workforce, but earn on average 33% more when they work in these high-growth fields
What We Know About How Girls Learn
Girls thrive on collaboration and
personal interactions
A girl needs to know WHY she is learning something and HOW that learning has a compelling means to an end
Girls and young women need and want activities that are socially relevant
(Margolis and Fisher 2002)
The Purpose
Girls will be drawn to careers in computer science and programming if they see programmers doing something with social implications and real world applications (Scheckelhoff, 2007)
STEM Benefits
Improve spatial reasoning skills
Foxcroft's Discovery
Cathy McGehee
KwF's Innovation
Aliyah Pandolfi
A Teacher's Implementation
Dr. Maria Eagen
Future Collaboration
2015 Annual Conference
Breakout Session

Girls' School Advantage
When rating their computer skills, 36% of graduates of girls' schools consider themselves strong compared to 26% of co-ed peers
And 48% consider themselves great at math compared to 37% of their co-ed peers
(NCGS/Case for Girls)
Graduates of Girls' Schools are 6x more likely to consider STEM majors and 3x more
likely to pursue study of engineering in college vs. their co-ed peers
(Girls' School Advantage)
Perfect Partner
KwF's DaVinci Challenge is the perfect model for engaging girls in learning robotics
Achieving STEAM
STEM Club activities:
Designed leg extensions using SolidWorks
Mounted camera underneath drones
Created modified supports with 3D printer
Adding design aesthetics will capture a whole different group of girls in robotics and expand creative use of the drones
Mission Statement
: “Kashmir World Foundation integrates art as a means of innovation, science as a benchmark for invention, and technology as the result of creative
solutions. Through global collaboration
our projects improve the lives of
humans and wildlife worldwide.”
DaVinci Challenge
140 teams in 30 different countries competing in wcUAVc
Open source hardware & software development
Necessity Leads to
Design concepts submitted by US students to an international competition revealed lack of creativity and innovation in STEM education
wcUAVc DaVinci Challenge
Started in July 2014
Path to reach particularly
under-represented groups and diverse learners
Diversity & Elevation
Your Future Flight Plan
Strategic Partnership
Collaboration between multiple organizations
First Team
Took a team of 4 to a Build a Drone Workshop in October 2014

Team Composition
Chose 4 students that were strong in
math and science and also interested in flight

Limited to choosing students that were
not varsity athletes

Student Commitment: 3 Thursday
evenings missing study hall,
One Sunday for flight day

Chose to build the hexacopter

Second Team
Sent a team of 5 to a Build a Drone Workshop in February 2015
Team Composition
Comprised of STEM Club members

Spent winter club time disassembling and reassembling the hexacopter

Modeled replacement pieces in SolidWorks

Student Commitment:4 Sundays

Chose to build the quadcopter
The challenge:
Drone applications
What application will you use your drone for?
What do we need?
Project box
Drone frame kit
Build log
Description of each step, photographs and written observations
Autopilot combines:
Main controller
Barometric pressure sensor
Brushless motors provide:

Electronic speed control:
Regulates electricity to motors
GPS and compass:
Determines current location
Allows setting of waypoints
Telemetry unit:
Communicates between
ground station and autopilot.
Coordinates elevation, speed,
pitch, and yaw
Provides power
Power distribution board:
Regulates power to
Glass fiber and polyamide nylon
Integrated PCB connectors
Pre-threaded brass sleeves
Colored arms for orientation
RC receiver and transmitter:
Helps control the drone in flight mode
Built hardware using schematics.
Relied heavily on mentor assistance

Team members had never seen a schematic before or worked with electronic hardware

Flight Control
Need to properly orient the motors relative to the flight computer
System Integration
2 Foxcroft teams
3 Flight Days at Foxcroft
Strategic Goals
Utilizing Foxcroft’s natural resources (e.g. our land and facilities) to support regional flight days
Enhancing collaborative marketing
Future Exploration
Expanding curriculum to include:
Computer science
Open source hardware and software
Aerial videography
Future Exploration
Partnering with international girls’ schools
Promoting the development of girls teams at other schools
Hosting a workshop for STEAM teachers
As this partnership takes flight, the sky's the limit!!
The AUVSI anticipates that between 2015-18 more than 70,000 jobs will be created in the U.S., resulting in a more than $13.6 billion effect
Provide female role models and mentors for girls
Emphasis on:
Systems integration
Onboard data processing
Fully autonomous counter poaching drone
More than 70 graduates from 9 schools
NCGS Presentation
Writing grant proposals
Mentoring a MS team each year
New Chapter
Kashmir Rose Project:
Fashion design and creation
Art history
Preserving traditional handcrafts
Humanitarian effort

Encourage collaboration and competition
Develop advanced aerial technologies
Integrate technology solutions within wildlife parks and reserves
Integrative STEAM Education
Build a drone:
Design, create and maintain
Integrate robotic systems
Diagnose hardware and software
Develop critical thinking skills
Advance through teamwork
Operate an unmanned aerial system:
Plan mission
Auto launch
Execute mission
Return to launch
Develop an application that is mission focused
Leonardo da Vinci
“Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”
Integrative STEAM Education
Integrative STEAM Education
Next steps for STEM Club STEAM
Benefits of the
Crash and Burn
The students learn when they crash the drones and have to make repairs
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