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Female Characters in Fifth Business

No description

Priscilla Orozco

on 11 July 2013

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Transcript of Female Characters in Fifth Business

Females in Fifth Business
Leola Cruikshank
She is the daughter of Ben Cruikshank, a tough little carpenter, and begins her life in the small town called Deptford, Canada.
Diana Marfleet
•She is the nurse that takes care of Dunstan during his coma and after he wakes up.
•Diana is charming, patient, amusing, easy to talk to and humorous. She and Dunstan quickly become good friends.
•She teaches Dunstan the physical sides of love and he is very grateful to her.
•Wishes to marry Dunstan and becomes jealous when Leola sends him letters. They decide it is best not to get married.
•She is the one who renames Dunstable, Dunstan, after St. Dunstan.
•Dunstan realizes later on that she was too much of a mother to him, which is why he could not marry her.

Mrs. Fiona Ramsay
•She is Dunstan’s mother.
•She is clean, strict, controlling and the head of the household.
• She helps to take care of Paul when he is born and later tries to help Mr. Dempster with household chores.
•She orders Dunstan to help the Dempsters and look after Paul.
•When Dunstan takes an egg and lies about it she chases him around and beats him. Dunstans no longer trust her after this.
•Controls Dunstan by not allowing him to see Mrs. Dempster. This eventually causes him to leave Deptford.
•Dies in the Spanish Influenza.

Mary is the first person who is introduced in the book because she had such a prominent role in Dunstan's life and who he became.
•She is late to enter Dunstan’s life but has a huge impact on his character development.
•She is very ugly but also quite intelligent.
•She was the autocrat of Eisengrim’s company and provided the finances and also did a lot of the mechanics.
•Dunstan tells her many secrets that he has never told anyone before.
•Talks to Dunstan about his love for Faustina and tells him that he is acting like a little boy and now that he is in the middle of life, rather than on the sidelines he whines about it.
•Has a physical fight with Dunstan and tells him he is not very human and that he makes himself responsible for other people’s trouble.
•She reveals to him that he is fifth business.

Twenty year old Peruvian woman.
Caroline Staunton
•She is Leola’s and Boy’s second child.
•She was a spoiled brat growing up and Boy’s favourite.
•Became a screamer and thrower of temper-tantrums after her mother’s suicide attempt.
•She had an unpleasant disposition and was rude to Lorene.
•Later, she got married and had a daughter.

Denyse Hornick
She was divorced and has a daughter named Lorene in her previous marriage.
Lorene Hornick

•She is Denyse’s daughter from another marriage.
•She is thirteen but physically mature for her age. She has a short, heavy body with poor coordination.
•She is not very bright and learns to sew and cook.
•Attempted to be nice to Caroline and David but they did not like her.

Elsie Webb
In Dunstan's youth, Elsie Webb was an admirer of Dunstan. Dunstan referred to her as Spider Webb because of her gawky, straddling walk. She was the only one to ever give Dunstan a Valentine's Day card.
By: Erin and Priscilla
At the beginning of the book, she is greatly admired for her beauty in the small town she lives in. Dunny states, “ I wanted Leola Cruikshank, who had cork-screw curls and a great way of never meeting your eyes” (24).
As she grows older, she is known as the village beauty. Although, Leola has attractive physical features, she lacks intelligence and power.
Leola marries Boy.
Leola's marriage between her and Boy was miserable.
As Boy and Leola grow older together they have two children, David and Caroline.
She is a likable and friendly, however, she does not have the capacity to learn and change in order to satisfy Boy.
She passes away because of the pneumonia, but, Dunstan thinks it was suicide.
Mary Dempster
Liselotte (Liesl) Vitzlipuzli
She is a part of Paul's magic shows, and participates in many of his acts as a showgirl.
She is Dunstan's secret love obsession because of her youth and beauty.
She lacks in intelligence.
Bertha Shanklin
Mabel is the young teenage girl, who lived in Deptford at the time of Dunstan's youth.
Mabel was rumoured to have gone the limit with more than one boy.
Mabel and Boy were caught in an sexual act by Mabel's mother.
This incident causes Boy to get sent away to school.
Mabel Heighington
Apart of Le grand Cirque forain de St Vitus.
Duntan become personal with her, and discusses his search for the truth of Uncumber.
She was very entranced by the story and insisted on painting a new banner in order to advertise herself as Mme Wilgeforte.
Bearded Lady
She had been in the W.R.N.S. during the war and had been risen from the ranks to be a lieutenant commander.
“...possessed intelligence, conventional good looks, and unusual quality as an intriguer and politician, but she was a women whose life and interests were entirely external” (230)
Boy's second wife.
Three Miracles: Reformation of the tramp, raising Willie from the dead and appears on the Madonna Statue during the war.
Considered a fool-saint by many
In her final days of her life she is very dependent and deeply scarred. She thinks that Dunny is keeping her away from her son and is enraged with him.
"A Study of Liesls Business." UKEssays.
N.p., n.d.
Web. 10 July. 2013
•Mrs. Dempter’s wealthy aunt who takes her to Toronto and Amasa dies and Paul runs away.
•She did not like the match between Amasa and Mary and she tried to give money to Mary but Amasa refused.
•Is kind and gentle towards Mary and loves her very much.
•When she dies she leaves Dunstan as Mary’s guardian.

Davies, Robertson. "Fifth Business." Toronto: Penguin Group Canada. 2005.
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