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The Fall of Jerusalem and Rise of Monotheism

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Courtney Bailey

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of The Fall of Jerusalem and Rise of Monotheism

The Fall of Jerusalem and Rise of Monotheism
2 Kings
Manassah took the throne at the age of 12
Reigned for 55 years.
Did "evil in the eyes of the Lord".
Death of Amon
Manassah's son is murdered shortly after taking the throne.
The masses take revenge of those who conspired against Manassah.
Josiah is Made King
Only 8 when he took the throne, but ruled for 31 years.
Best king to sit on the throne of David.
Found the Book of Law.
Prophecy of Jerusalem's Fall
Prophetess Huldah tells Josiah that Israel will be punished because of Manassah's actions.
Josiah is rewarded for his humility and piousness.
Josiah will not have to witness the destruction of Jerusalem.
Death of Josiah
While completing his mission to destroy all the remaining idols, Josiah encounters the Pharaoh Neco.
Josiah dies in battle.
Buried in his own tomb.
Josiah's Death in Chronicles
Josiah meets and speaks with Pharaoh Neco.
Neco warns Josiah, but Josiah chooses to fight anyways.
Josiah is wounded then brought back to Jerusalem to die and buried with his ancestors.
The Beginning of Jeruslaem's Exile
Josiah's son is made king and returns to the evil behavior of his forefathers.
He ruled for only three months.
His name was changed and made a vassal by Pharaoh Neco.
Psalm 79
Israelites ask for God's help because they are embarrassed.
They do not realize they are victims of their own actions.
Promise to praise Him forever.
Psalm 82
Israel cries for the triumph of the underdog.
Call for a compassionate God.
Emergence of monotheism
Psalm 87
Zion becomes a less tangible place.
Instead of an Earthly place, Zion is a more mystical destination.
Psalm 94
God's people call on a vengeful god to punish their oppressors.
God is vengeful, He takes revenge on those who disobeyed Him in the first place.
Psalm 137
Response to Babylonian exile.
The people seem to believe that if they praise God and return to pious behavior then they will be redeemed.
Thoughts and feelings of poet are revealed.
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