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Workplace Civility

No description

ZeptoMetrix Marketing

on 31 July 2017

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Transcript of Workplace Civility

Respectful Habits that Enhance Productivity
So why does workplace civility matter?
Incivility at Work
Failing to return phone calls, voice mails, emails
"Humorous" put-downs, eye-rolling, heavy sarcasm, derogatory remarks
Not keeping appointments or showing up late
Interrupting conversations or meetings
What is Civility?
A socio-political concept rooted in democracy
"Low intensity deviant behavior with ambiguous intent to harm the target"
Workplace Civility
Incivility at Work
Yelling, phone slamming, fist pounding, spitting, throwing objects
Chipping away at someone's self-esteem through constant slights
Ignoring or discounting others and their opinions
Addressing people in an unprofessional manner
What is Civility?
What is civility in the workplace?
Why does it matter?
How can we encourage a culture of civility?
A fundamental understanding and respect for laws, rules, and norms that guide citizens in understanding what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior.
"Incivility is not a Vice of the Soul, but the effect of several Vices; of Vanity, Ignorance of Duty, Laziness, Stupidity, Distraction, Contempt of Others, and Jealousy."
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