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Out of the Dust - Timeline

No description

Jessica Lee

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Out of the Dust - Timeline

by Karen Hesse Out of the Dust - Timeline August, 1920 1920: Billie Jo is born. She lives with Ma and Daddy, and, so far, she is their only child. She has red hair like Daddy and long legs and freckles. She loves the piano. January, 1934 January, 1934 July, 1934 Having to care for her mom, Billie stays home. Her dad takes money to the hospital bills, but instead goes and gets drunk. Three days after, Billie's mother dies while giving birth, and her brother, Phillip, soon dies too. Billie then falls to depression because of her hands, she can not play piano either. She runs away and hitchhikes on a train where she meets a man, who gives her a picture of his family. The next day, Billie realizes what she has to do is clear. She goes back home and helps her father. And even though her life may be rough, she is still happy. -Billie Jo, now thirteen, finds out her mother is pregnant. She is thrilled to hear this!
- Arley Wanderdale, realizing Billie Jo's talent with piano asks her to play a piano solo at the Palace Theater. Even though everything seemed to go right, Billie Jo's best friend Livie Killen moves away...
Then everything goes downhill from there..... July, 1934 While cooking, Billie's father leaves a bottle of kerosene in the kitchen. Thinking it was water, BIllie's mother pours kerosene into the pan, creating a "rope of fire". Screaming for help to her husband, Billie's mother runs out into the field with Billie. Scared, the house would catch on fire, Billie throws out the bottle of kerosene onto her mother by accident causing her mother to catch on fire. Desperately trying to help her mother, and her soon to be born brother, she tries to beat the flames on her mother. Her mother is still terribly burnt.
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