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Science Project

No description

Lexi Greenley

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Science Project

Science project Step one Step one was to figure out what I was going to do for my project. I decided I was going to take skittles and put them in different liquids to figure out which liquid will dissolve the skittle the fastest. I guessed that the liquid which dissolved it the fastest would be the one that was the most unhealthy for you. Materials Starting the experiment -Drop one skittle in each of the liquids (maybe have someone help you so they all go in at the same time)
-Start the timer
-Take observations on how they look after you put them in the water
-Wait and take observations as things start to change, like color, shape, etc. The materials I needed for this project were:

-Skittles (I used the holiday kind, the strawberry flavored ones)
-Five small, clear cups
-3 Tbsp of honey, a capri sun pack, vinegar, water, and olive oil
-A timer Data This is all of my data that I collected. Results Three of the candies dissolved, and two never did. The candies in the vinegar, water and juice all dissolved, while the candies in the olive oil and honey did not.
The first to dissolve was the vinegar at 44 minutes and one second. The second to dissolve was the one in the water at 42 minutes and 51 seconds. The last one dissolved in the juice at 59 minutes and 19 seconds. What would I do different? If I did this experiment again I would use the same size cups, and I wouldn't use honey or olive oil because I know already that they don't dissolve skittles. I also wouldn't mess with the water/liquid trying to find the candy. 4. If I could do this again, I would maybe try different liquids and candies. I would probably use a type of soda, and maybe a different type of candy. To improve the results I wouldn't touch the candy in the water or mess with it at all.
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