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The Geography of Inferno

No description

Aly Shre

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of The Geography of Inferno

Welcome to Inferno. Circle 1-Limbo The circle where people are "innocent of sin", however, lacking in Baptism
There is no torment or torture here but only severe sorrow.
They could not or wouldn't not get baptizes and thus are doomed to reside in Limbo for their remaining years.
“for these faults, not for any other defect, we are lost; our only pain is hopeless unfulfilled desire” (IV, 40-42).
people that resided her consisted of; old testament patriarchs saved by Christ,great pagan poets and philosophers, and even babies that had not yet been baptized. Great heroes, thinkers, and creative minds of ancient Greece and Rome
Inside is a seven-walled castle, and within those walls are rolling fresh meadows illuminated by the light of reason. Key: P = when Dante meets a person who
resides in the specific circle. S =Where Dante sees a particular
torture scene that takes place within
the circle P :Here, Dante meets the poets homer,Horace,Ovid and Lucan. He
even meets up with Julius Caesar. Dante implies that all virtuous non-Christians find themselves here, M :beyond the first circle Dante sees the serpentine , Minos, who sentences each soul to one of the lower 8 circles by wrapping his tail around himself a corresponding number of times. M =where a monster or beast is seen within a circle Circle 2-Lust In the second circle of Hell are those overcome by lust
They are the first ones to be truly punished in Hell.
They have betrayed reason at the instruction of their appetite for pleasure, so they are doomed to reside here for eternity.
Dante sees Semiramis,Cleopatra, Dido, Helen of Troy, Paris, Achilles ,Tristan, and many others who were affected by their own sensual love during their life. P :Dante meets a woman by the name of Francesca da Rimini who
tells her story of how she and her husband's brother Paolo Malatesta committed adultery, but then died a violent death, at the hands of her father,all because of love. She now resides in circle 2 and has no escape. S : Here, sinners are blown around without end by the unrelenting winds of unquenchable
desire as consequence for their sins. A hurricane that never rests
scarmbless the spirits onward in its seize, twisting them round as it molests them. Circle 9-Treachery • Circle 9 is divided into 4: (treachery)
• Love and trust- Caina
• Antenora- kin
• Ptolomea- guests
• Judecca- god
• Giants (like towers) nimrod, ephialtes, antaeus (who can speak and ends up putting dante and virgil on the bottom level of hell with satan)
• Cocytus- (frozen lake) torrent of death that receives the wicked; especially those who prospered in the world
• Lucifer- cassius, brutus, judas
• Parodic composite of his wickedness and divine powers=satans punishment
• Bigger than the giants
• Wings flapping= keeps the lake frozen
• Three colored heads= opposite of the trinity or god head
• Cassius and brutus were put in feet first for the assassination of Julius Caesar
• Judas- (put in head first) betrayed Christ for 30 pieces of silver Circle 3-Gluttony Shows a scene full of garbage and filth
The souls did nothing with the presents of the Gods but to eat or drink
they produced nothing but garbage, and thus, that's what they receive and live in for all time.
Grief has stricken the whole environment , and the air is frozen over.Freezing rain pelts the souls naked bodies.
Souls are rolling around on the floor, howling in pain, as if they have a bad stomach ache. Here we see irony as in their earthly life they did nothing but eat, now they are in pain and suffering for their hunger. S M =A storm of freezing rain, huge hailstones and filthy snow fall on
the gluttons, which all produce a slush that fills the entire land.The
sinners , starving, are naked and roll around perhaps looking for heat
to fill a side of their body. =A storm of freezing rain, huge hailstones and filthy snow fall on
the gluttons = Cerberus, a three headed dog, is placed to guard circle three.He lets anyone in, but he kills anyone who tries to get out. He has a ravenous appetite, ( an apt symbol of gluttony) Circle 4-Hoarders&Wasters Circle 6 - City of Dis S M =treachery lacks all warmth , therefore, these souls are denied of
any warmth.They are denied of God's love. Everything from the blood
to the torture and the guilt all drain here and solidify into a sheet of ice
that holds all the souls who abide in this circle,they are frozen over. =The very center and pit of Hell is where Satan resides. Trapped by the waist he is also encased by ice. He is Satan, Lucifer, King of Evil, The Devil, The Father of Lies.Causing Chaos on earth, tempting us to sin.He betrayed God himself and fought him in heaven. Since he lost, he was cast down to Hell.He has three faces, mocking the holy trinity, 6 wings and 6 eyes. The numbers spell out 666- the devil' number.He chews on the sinners in Circle 9. Circle 8-The Fraudulent Circle 6 is the first circle of lower Hell and is surrounded by the walls of Dis • Called Malebolge, or in Italian "Evil Ditches
Funnel shaped cavern
• Consists of Bolgias in Italian, which translates to "Pouches" or "Ditches"
• Very large, resembles the geography of all of hell, as in it resembles the funnel, or cone shape
• Giant, upside down cone or funnel shape with many trenches, or bolgias, lining the walls of the descending circles, 10 trenches in total
• Series of bridges leading from the outside circumference of the Malebolge to the center, where the 9th circle of hell is located
• When one has reached the center of Malebolge, they must be lowered, preferably by a giant, which in Dante's case was Antaeus Bolgias
1. Panderers and Seducers
2. Flatterers
3. Simonists
4. Astrologists, seers, sorcerers, those who try to manipulate energy forces
5. Grafters
6. Hypocrites
7. Thieves
8. Deceivers, evil counselors
9. Promoters of scandals, schism, and discord
10. Falsifiers, alchemists, evil impersonators, false witnesses

• Incomplete bridges extend from outside circumference to the center of the funnel

• Due to The Harrowing of Hell, many pathways and transportation routes had been destroyed

• Dante and Virgil must descend into the ditches themselves, for the bridge disconnects at some point

• Help from demons is necessary, and is provided when they command the demons through god's will

• Most notable help is from 13 winged demons known as Malebranche, which translates to "Evil Claws," midway through the funnel, or after 5 Bolgias

• They try and trick Dante and Virgil by telling and leading them to a path that does not exist

• Luckily they escape from their deceivers whilst they are in a frenzy trying to rescue a demon who has fallen into the river of boiling pitch or tar

• After much traveling and route-searching, they reach the center, where they encounter the giants Nimrod, Ephialtes, Briareus, and Antaeus

• They hitch a ride from Antaeus down Cocytus through flattery and promises of earthly revival Transportation: The walls are made of iron and guarded by angels and demons They roll heavy weights back and forth with their chests, colliding with one another
Hoarders amassed thier wealth all for themselves , while the wasters used up all they have
This circle is just before the river Styx
Home of Plutus (Wolf-like demon of wealth) M =Plutus, the monster that used to be the god of wealth, appropriate to be placed in this circle. When they approach him , he is talking gibberish, some sort of chant, also appropriate as it shows where everything is good, even the gift of speech, becomes meaningless and nonsense As Dante approaches the walls, he states, " ...my eye had wholly attracted me toward the high tower with the ruddy summit, where in an instant were uprisen suddenly three infernal Furies, stained with blood, who had the limbs of women and their action, and were girt with greenest hydras. They had for hair little serpents and cerastes, wherewith their savage brows were bound." S =The souls are endlessly attached to great , large weights and boulders and are forced to carry them around everywhere, causing them great pain. Circle 5-the wrathful •The people here fight each other brutally and eternally
•Swamplands, below the surface of the water is a “black sulkiness which can find no joy in God or man or the universe.” –Phlegyas
•The River Styx runs through this circle S =the souls of the wrathful in a dirty slime of Styx, violentely attacking eachother. Deep below this slime, sufficatating, are the souls of the sullen, those who never saw sunlight. They stay here forever, in the darkest part of Hell. p = =Fillipino Argenti, who was an enemy of Dante, now resides in the 5th circle because he was a wrathful sinner. Dante reconizes him and instantly berates him for his evil doings. Circle 7-The Violent
•Who’s there??
The Violent
The assassins
oThe tyrants
oSuicidal people
oThe Violent, The assassins, The tyrants, The warmongers:
These people committed major crimes such as; Genocides, murder, and any violent act without reasoning or with terrible corrupt reasoning.
Their punishment consists of them having to lament their mischiefs/crimes in the river and is killed if they try to escape their punishment.
oSuicidal people
These people are just what they say they are they are people who committed suicide and therefore are sent straight to the 7th circle because
it was a cruel act of violence on themselves.
When these people meet their final judgment in this level they are hung from the trees in the woods of the suicides. oBlasphemers and Sodomite
These people committed crimes against God himself and nature such as; harmful sins to others, non-believers and who cursed his name Also who set forest on fire without reasoning, ruining water sources, etc.
These people’s punishment is that they have to stay in a desert with scorching sand while fire rains on their naked bodies and they lost their tongues to lamentation.
These are people who leant out money but enforced such a high interest rate that the person who received the money would probably never be able to pay it off and will always be in debt to that person.
Since they did not commit a crime of art nor nature they must and ward off the violent with just their hands and are exposed to severe winds that sometimes shower them with scorching sand or cover them in flames. oEntire level is guarded by the Minotaur,
oThe river Phlegethon encircles the entire level, it is a river of Boiling Blood that is
guarded by centaurs who kill anyone who try to escape from the river.
oThe stench of this level is absolutely unbearable.
oThe woods of the suicides are also on this level, it has stunted gnarled trees with twisting branches and in those branches Harpies, evil birdlike creatures with human faces make their nests. Suicidal people who face their final judgment are hung from these trees.
oFinally there is the desert with scorching sands and fire that rains down that never stops M =Dante is taunted by Furies. They are malicious spirits that torment the souls of Hell. They also threaten to bring out the head of Medusa.Medusa is summoned just outside the walls of dis and they turn away because if anyone looks as her they would never be allowed to return upwards. Heretics are sent to this circle by Brooke , Eltion, Liz , Trenton, Zach and Alyssa HELL Inside the city, there are open tombs everywhere , a displeasing stench, flames among the tombs, towers and buildings
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