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The Walt Disney Company

No description

Sophie Netter

on 24 July 2016

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Transcript of The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company
October 16, 1923
– The beginning of the Disney company which was first known as The Disney Brothers Studios
November 18, 1928
– The very first Mickey Mouse cartoon and the first appearance of Minnie Mouse in
Steamboat Willie
December 21, 1937

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
became Disney’s first feature-length animated film
December 26, 1939
– The Disney Studios begins its move to Burbank, California
July 19, 1950

Treasure Island
, Disney’s first completely live-action feature is released
July 17, 1955
– The first Disneyland park opened in Anaheim, California
December 15, 1966
– Walt Disney dies at age 65
April 18, 1983
– The Disney Channel begins broadcasting with 18 hours of programming a day
July 31, 1995
– Disney agrees to purchase Capital Cities/ABC for $19 billion
October 24, 2001
– Disney acquires Fox Family Channel and renames ABC Family.

Thank you!
Walt Disney Company
Media Networks
Parks & Resorts
Studio Entertainment
Consumer Products
Interactive Media
ESPN, Disney Channel Worldwide, ABC Family, SOAPnet
Disneyland California, Florida, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Disney Cruiseline

Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Pixar, Marvel and Miramax

Toys, Magazines, Clothing, Collectables, Prints/Posters, Mugs...
Games and Apps
Advances in Special Effects and Animation
1975- Industrial Light and Magic was founded by George Lucas, it was bought by Disney in 2012
1979- Miramax was founded by Harvey Weinstein and Bob Weinstein, it was bought by Disney in 1993. Its successes prior to its merge with Disney include film such as ‘Pulp Fiction’
Revenue Streams

Media Networks have the greatest increase in revenue of $10,741 million
Interactive entertainment only increased by $672 million
Studio Entertainment declined by $15 million
Disney Media Networks
ABC, ABC Family, ABC News, ESPN, Disney Channel etc
The Disney Brand
1971- Walt Disney World Resort is opened in Florida
1975- Walt Disney World Village, a mall specifically for Disney products, opened
The development of the VHS was lead by Sony
In 1976, ‘The Young Teacher’ was the first theatrical film to ever be publicly released on VHS
Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment is the company in Disney responsible for the distribution of home videos, it first began distributing under its own label in the 1980s
DVD technology was first developed in the early 1990s
In 1997 the first Disney releases to DVD were live action, however from 1999 animations were also being distributed
Digital and Online- iTunes and Apple
October 12th 2005- Disney is first to license TV episodes, from ABC and Disney Channel series, for download on Apple’s iTunes Music Store
March 14th 2006- High School Musical becomes the first full-length movie to be sold via digital download, on Apple’s iTunes Music Store, followed by theatrical features in September
Disney was the first studio to release a theatrical film to IMAX. In 2000 on New Years, Fantasia 2000 was released, although not originally intended for IMAX
Re- Releases
Disney began to re-release films to cinema in both 2D and 3D in the hopes to bring in more revenue in the current industry
Additional income for films is being made from the release of soundtracks
Splash was produced on a $8 million budget and grossed $68 million at the domestic box office and was the tenth highest grossing film of 1984
2009 DreamWorks and Touchstone 30 picture distribution deal over 5 year
Touchstone are earning 10% of the revenue DreamWorks made off the films
Disney Media Distribute have distributed more than 30,000 hours of content to over 1300 broadcasters across 240 territories.
They have distributed films from Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, Miramax Films (before 2010) for television purposes.
Disney Studio Motion Pictures was founded in 1950, specialising in Live Action Film,
In 1946 weekly attendance was 90 million this dropped to 60 million in 1950.
Walt Disney Animation studio was founded in 1923
Disney Fairies franchise which as made $300 million since the release
Frozen has taken $1.219 billion worldwide
Snow White was the first full length animated film
1937 saw Walt Disney purchase 51 acres of land from Snow white’s profits
Disney built a ‘production factory’ consisting of various departments.
Production focused on Propaganda following the outbreak of the war.
Disney becomes vertically integrated as a company.
4 Main Studios
Walt Disney Studios contains 7 sound stages & 50’s styled street
Golden Oak Ranch is 890 acres of land catering for all set locations.
Prospect Studios also contains 7 studios and exterior locations
KABC7 Studio B was first opened in 2001
Pixar is an American computer animation film studio which was launched in 1979 as a subsidiary of Lucasfilm before it was acquired by Steve Jobs in 1986
In 1991 Pixar made a $26 million deal with Disney to produce three computer-animated feature films - one of which was Toy Story
Disney and Pixar had a number of disagreements after the production of Toy Story 2
Pixar was responsible for creation and production, while Disney handled marketing and distribution. Profits and production costs were split 50-50, but Disney owned all story and sequel rights and also collected a distribution fee.
In 2004 the two companies completley broke down
In January 2006 - Pixar and Disney entered into a merger agreement for a purchase of $7.4 billion.
Steve Jobs says "Disney and Pixar can now collaborate without the barriers that come from two different companies with two different sets of shareholders"
The deal also bought Apple closer to Disney
• Evolution of Disney
• Future of Disney
Any questions?
In December 2009 Disney bought Marvel for $4.3 billion dollars - the deal gave disney more than 5,000 characters and its licensing, comic book and movie business
However, the deal ties Disney to rival media conglomerates including Sony and Spider-Man, News Corporation and X-Men, and Universal owns distribution rights to Hulk and long-term theme park rights in Florida to several of the Marvel characters
This was an important deal for Disney in terms of reconnecting with the boy demographic that the company had lost in recent years
As of August 2012, Marvel is the highest-grossing movie franchise, with a total of over $5 billion.
Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012 for $4.05bn
Much like the Marvel takeover people were sceptical about the takeover
Princess Leia character is to become a part of the Disney Princess collection
Another of Disney’s latest acquisitions has been this year when they agreed to buy Maker Studios for $500 million, one of YouTube’s largest networks
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