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Is acid rain causing a decline of frog population ?

No description

keya harris

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Is acid rain causing a decline of frog population ?

Is acid rain causing a decline of frog population ? Hypothsis- Yes acid rain is causing a decline of frog population Control-frogs exposed pH of 7 Independent Variable-acid rain
Dependent Variable-frog population Materials Needed pH's of 1-7 acid rain
Four types of frogs-
10 red eyed tree frogs
10 blue dart frogs
10 regular green frogs
10 bull frogs
Four 30 gallon fish tanks
Four shower heads set up the four 30 gallon fish tanks with shower heads placed on top of each fish tank.In the first tank place in the ten red eye tree frogs in the second tank place in the ten blue dart frogs the third tank place in the ten fire bellied bull frogs and in the fourth tank place in the regular green frogs.Let the shower head shower over top of each tank at the same time.The shower head should shower different pHs of 1 3 5 and 7 for one hour every five hours. Experiments Possible Outcomes
Is the decline of frog population happening because the pH of acid rain ? Which pH of acid rain caused a decline of frog population ? By:Keya Harris
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