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Copy of Project Ready Mentor Training

No description

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Project Ready Mentor Training

What Are The Benefits Benefits to the mentors:
personal & professional satisfactions
improved interpersonal skills
deeper understanding of teen & societal views What is Mentoring Why youth need mentors:
social skills & time management
career exploration
peer pressure/positive relationships
nutrition/health education
drug & alcohol prevention
violence prevention The Ins & Outs for Mentoring Project Ready Youth Effective vs. Ineffective Mentoring Effective Mentoring
is initiating interactions
is acknowledging the youth's need for fun
is respecting the youth's point of view
focuses on the positive aspects of the youth
seeks and utilize the help & advice of the Project Ready staff
is consistent & dependable Stages in Mentor/Youth Relationship Interacting and Having Fun
Important goal in group mentoring

Developing Rapport and Building Trust
Effectively communicating with youth

Setting and Reaching Goals
Empowering youth to solve problems

Transitioning from group to individual mentoring
Discuss positive actions and directions for the future Mentor Support Access and responding to an updated calender of events on volunteerspot.com

Exchange telephone numbers with other mentors so that contact can be made for the purposes of support, sharing, and organizing group activities with a Project Ready staff member PROJECT READY MENTORING Designed by: Joi Turner The role of a mentor:
providing social experience
providing emotional support
providing academic guidance
providing career exploration and guidance
Benefits to the youth:
guidance in setting academic & career goals
new social experiences
interaction with people from diverse backgrounds
understanding social boundaries
increased confidence & self-esteem Ineffective Mentoring
demands that the youth play an equal role in initiating contact
adopts a parental or authoritative role
is inconsistent and noncommittal
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