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Is Tom Sawyer a likeable character?

No description

Zara Annett

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Is Tom Sawyer a likeable character?

Is Tom Sawyer a likeable character? Yes,Tom Sawyer is a likeable
character because he is adventurous and exciting. Tom Sawyer shows his love for Becky. Tom means well, but
he just seems like a
troublemaker. Tom told the truth even though
he could die for it. Tom took the blame for Becky
when she was in trouble. The village was not the same without Tom. It was dull and gloomy. Tom Sawyer brings excitement to
St.Petersburg and his friends in it. "Tuesday afternoon came,and waned to the twillight.The
village of St.Petersburg still mourned."
"An unusual quiet possessed the village" "A though shot like lightning through Tom's brain.He sprang to his feet and shouted-"I done it!" The school stared in perplexity at this incredible folly." "The bark I had wrote on to tell you we'd gone pirating.I wish now you'd waked up when I kissed you-I do honest." "In the graveyard !"
"a little bit louder,please.Dont be afraid.You were-"
"In the graveyard ."
A contemptous smile flitted across Injun Joe's face. ""Tom ,you didn't have to undo your shirt collar where I sewed it,to pump on your head,did you?... Unbutton your jacket!"The trouble vanished out of Tom's face. He opened his jacket.His shirt collar was securely sewed... But Sidney said;"Well,now,if I didn't think you sewed his collar with white thread ,but it's black." "Why,I did sew it with white! Tom!" But Tom did not wait to rest . As he went out the door he said: "Siddy, I will lick you for that." Tom and Becky Tom always ends up leaving Aunt Polly upset after his adventures because he never tells her where he is going. Tom Sawyer is a likeable character because he
if fun and adventures. He makes life in
St.Petursburg more exciting. Tom Sawyer tells the
truth,helps his friends,is trustworthy,and kind.Tom Sawyer gets to go on adventures some wouldn't dare of going on because of the danger.Tom Sawyer does have some unfavorable characteristics but Tom evens them out with the likeable ones. Even though Tom could be killed for telling the truth,Tom did it because he felt bad for Muff Potter. The village was sad and quiet without Tom .Tom and Becky had gone missing and the town was still mourning. Tom took the blame for Becky,and was given her punishment,to show he loves her.Tom did not want Becky to get in trouble and he wanted to show his love for her. If Tom had left the bark for Aunt Polly, she wouldn't have been so upset with him. A picture of Aunt Polly giving
Tom his medicine,knowing he
wont give it to himself. Zara Annett
Period 1 Although Tom would probably get himself into a lot of trouble, he is very exciting and fun to be with. Tom skipped school to go swimming,he tried to conceal the fact that he skipped school but was found out because he did not pay attention to detail.Tom did not really get a punishment because he left before he could.
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