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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Trivia Game

No description

Anna Rushing

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Trivia Game

The Huckleberry Finn Trivia Game How to Play Hello and welcome to the Huckleberry Finn Adventures Trivia game! This game is played similar to around the world. The rules are to answer the question faster than the person next to you and get it right! There will be three questions per level (group of chapters), whenever you get a question right you get a point and move onto the next person. If you get all three question right in a level then you get 2 bonus points. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins! The Purpose The point of this game is to remember what you've learned from reading the book " The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn." There are many things you should have noticed, but did you notice how hard it is for Huck to tell the truth. He usually tells it through questions and actions but only once did he come out with the whole truth. Huck would lie to himself and others to keep out of trouble. In the end he said would sacrifice his reputatioin as a "respectable" southerner to free Jim. From this I have personally learned that everybody has all the power to make a change, good or bad. I have all the power, the power to talk and do something to make a positive change. Everyone should reflect these things when playing this game, and when remembering this book. Level 1 (CH.1-6)
Q1. Huck would sneak out at night with whom in the beginning of the book? A1. Tom Q2. JIm had a magic _________. A2. hairball Q3. When Pap gets drunk in the cabin he thinks he's fighting the "_____ _______" A3. dEATH angel Level2 (Ch.7-12) Q1. Huck cuts up a "____" to help stage his death.

Q2. Huck finds Jim on what island?

Q3. How did Mrs. Loftus determine Huck wasn't a girl? A1. pig A2. Jackson Level3 (Ch.13-18) Q1. Huck tried to save people on the boat "_____ ______." Q2. wHO SAID. . . " You feel mighty cool and easy and comfortable on a raft"? Q3. Did Jim know Huck was lying to him about the fog incident? A1. walter Scott A2. Huck A3. Yes Level4 (Ch.19-24) Q1. The Duke said he was the Duke of "________." Q2. wHO SAID. . ."Layin' on o' hands is my best holt- for cancer and paralysis, and sich things"? Q3. Colonel Sherburn said the mob wasn't "___ _____" to lynch him. A1. Bridgewater A2. The King A3. Man enough Level5 (Ch.25-30) Q1. Who said. . ."Goo-goo---goo-goo-goo"? Q2. who said. . ."Le's go upstairs and count this money, and then give it to the girls"? Q3. who said. . ."You better but they do with these mumps. These mumps is different..."? A1. The Duke A2.The Duke A3. Huck Level6 (Ch.31-37) Q1. What was the name of the play that got the Duke and King caught? Q2. who said. . ."It's as simple as tit-tat-toe, three-in-a-row, and as easy as playing hooky"? Q3. Tom pretends to be who when he first sees Aunt SAlly? A1. Royal Nonesuch A2. Tom A3. sID Level7 (Ch.38-43) Q1. who said. . ."Where's the butter"? Q2. What kind of letters does Tom write? Q3. What was the name of the aunt that recognized Tom and Huck? A1. Aunt Sally A2. NONANAMOUS A3. Aunt Polly A3. Huck sewed like a boy. A3.Yes A1. Royal Nonesuch A1. Bridgewater A1. Royal Nonesuch Thank You for Playing And congratulations to the WINNER:)
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