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No Bullying Program

No description

Zoe Christoff

on 15 April 2011

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Transcript of No Bullying Program

Bullying Program The point of the program is making new friends and accepting people who are not your friends (accepting people, meaning that you don’t judge them by their look and not being mean to people you don’t like).
The program is for one day, all day. The Program is for one day, all day from 9:30am-4:30pm. It is called: New Friends, New Thoughts:) 9:30-10:30- Ice breaker/ introduction (there is a jar filled with skittles and when people come in they can put a guess to as how many there are) 10:35-11:00- Get into and groups learn names, talk about what the program is about 11:05-11:55- Getting to know your group/learning new things about them and doing activities with your group (kind of like ice breaker for your group) 12:00-1:35- lunch and rests 1:40-2:25- (Once everyone is comfortable) Get into serious mode and talk about how people pre-judge others because of their look and how that hurts them, and you. 2:30-2:50- Everyone gets back into groups and talks about this and brainstorms ways this can change and everybody and accept each other. 2:55-3:15- Everyone gets back together and some groups can share their ideas and once that’s done we explain an activity that they do (3-legged race, tug of war) 3:20-4:10- Kids play 3-legged race, tug of war, and get to hang out with friends (also snowies and Popsicles will be passed out) 4:15-4:30- every gets back together, we go over what they learned and ways it can be fixed, and the winner(s) of the candy jar is announced, they get the skittles and everyone gets chocolate bars and go home
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