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The Great Pluto Debate

No description

Samantha Fortener

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of The Great Pluto Debate

Should Pluto be a Planet?
Some people say Pluto should be a planet because it always has been

Other people say Pluto shouldn't be a planet because it only has 2 of the 3 things it needs to be called a planet

Pluto should be a Planet
Pluto orbits the sun, although it crosses Neptune's orbit once every 20 years
Pluto shouldn't be a Planet
Pluto is so little that its moon, Charon is almost as big as itself
Pluto should be a Planet
Pluto's surface is the coldest place in the solar system
the only dwarf planet to have been a planet before
Pluto shouldn't be a Planet
Pluto shouldn't be a planet because it doesn't have enough gravity to pull all the close asteroids to itself
Thank you!
Should Pluto be a planet, or not?
What do you think?
Fun Facts
Scientists actually think there is an underground ocean on Pluto
By: Sam Fortener & Erin Lewantowicz
Pluto's surface
Charon its moon is about half the size of Pluto

Micky Mouse's pet dog, Pluto was named after the dwarf planet
Pluto's faces
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