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Antimatter: what is it? or isn't it?

No description

Brian M

on 22 March 2011

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Transcript of Antimatter: what is it? or isn't it?

ANTIMATTER: What is it??? Or isin't it? Well... what we do know is that We have our protons, And neutrons, In our nucleus. With our tiny little electrons, in an electron shell. And it all goes spinning around like this: well... sorta. But then what is antimatter? the exact same thing... execpt they are the exact oppisite Instead of sounding like a colledge professer at MIT, lets say that: SO.... Lets think of it this way. for every subatomic particle There's an oppisite to it. Get it? You shouldn't because nobody else in the world really does either Lets find out what we do know... so this is a regular hydrogen atom with an electron and a proton And this, is a ANTI HYDROGEN!!! With a and instead of an electron, which has a NEGITIVE charge we have a And while oppisites of magnetic field attract oppisites of regular and anti matter kinda well... Blows up In fact, scientists now think the reason for the big bang was that there was a lot of matter... than ran across alot of antimatter and it went BOOOOM! And guess what else. Scientists can now hold on to an anti-hydrogen for a really long time! Not a minute, Not an hour Not Even a whole lifetime!!! In fact, they have lasted as long as 1 tenth of a second! Which is a long time, in the anti-matter world. People have thought of the "great" idea of using an antihydrogen bomb. but there are 2 problems. well... 3 if you don't want the earth to be blown to bits. 1: we cant make anti-matter for more than a tenth of a second 2: it takes all of this Going around all of this: A lot of times, (500,000 or thereabouts) To create a single little tiny inpractacal frivolus unstable atom of antimatter. 1 atom of antmatter SO putting enough antihydrogen to make anything as big as a bomb just doesn't really work. And 3, (becuase we really need another reason) why in the world do we need another bomb to blow each other to bits?
I mean really, don't think this is bad enough? So go home, and go to seep tonight being glad that we haven't figured out that one ounce of a well done antimatter bomb shot into the center of the earth will blowthe earth to dust... oh wait, we DO know that.... Sweet dreams! http://www.positron.edu.au/faq.html#faq1http://www.scienzagiovane.unibo.it/english/antimatter/images/idrogeno-anti.gif
http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2372994,00.asp Project By a Mironer Not to mention it costs over 139,000 dollars to make of atom of it
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