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Copy of sme's : mudim zakaria

No description

fatimatul suleiman

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of sme's : mudim zakaria

sme's : mudim zakaria
Name of enterprise : Mudim Zakaria
Current owner : En Shaarani Zakaria
Address : Kampung Jelutong,
Mukim Tobiar,
06700 Pendang,
No. tel : 04-7846270
> MUDIM has been established since 1987 in the
state of Kedah

> One of the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia producing food products (soy sauce, ketchup & vinegar)

> Developed using an initial capital of RM10 000 and managed efficiently, they also has achieved increases in assets
to RM 300 000.

> After 20 years, MUDIM continue to produce innovative products to meet the demands either from within
or outside the country.
MUDIM’s vision is to :

> Produce higher quality and halal product to domestic and overseas market
(London, UK, Saudi Arabia)

> Continue being contributor to economic growth in Malaysia.
> MUDIM ‘s first mission is always committed to build up a company brand and also adding a value to achieve consumer expectation.

> Provide a satisfactory product with a higher quality but affordable.

> Remains committed to being a leader in the food industry in Malaysia.

> Being creative, innovative, competitive and advanced culture of the company toward achieving ‘CEMERLANG, GEMILANG and TERBILANG’
by Wawasan 2020

> MUDIM believe will be able to achieve the mission and vision set by their organization.

> MUDIM confident will continue to run the company in line with the economic and social development in the long term.

> MUDIM confident that the organization will be able to share the benefits with distributors and buyers.
S W O T analysis
Positive attributes internal to your organization and within your
control, focusing on all the internal components that add value
or offer you a competitive advantage.

Mudim's Strength :

• Sell directly to consumers.
• Halal product
• The Company of MUDIM earn relatively high profits and a relatively strong market in the three states to produce products for the food.
• MUDIM has sent some staff to follow some courses organized by
SIRIM in order to establish the company in the field of
management and skills to achieve GMP
(Good Manufacturing Practice) by SIRIM.
S W O T analysis
Factors that are within your control yet detract from your ability to obtain or maintain a competitive edge.
Mudim's :

Based on economic growth, Mudim’s choose London, United Kingdom and Arab Saudi because more purchasing power from customers and businesses in that country who can potentially buy goods, where UK is 6th place in the rank of purchasing power in the world.
There is higher opportunities of potential suppliers for resources. For example in Arab Saudi, the ingredient of Mudim’s product are totally halal product, and Arab Saudi known as one of the islam countries.
S W O T analysis
External factors beyond the control of your organization that have the potential to place your marketing strategy.
As a producer of soy sauce and vinegar, there are many competitor producing the same product, such as Jalen and Kipas Udang
Unsustainable price increase by suppliers might increase the cost of product, hence it increase the price and cause lost of customers
Shift in customer behavior, as example, customer's tastes can always change because of the price of competitor's product almost same, and at market they display the product side by side
New campaign launch by competitor can cause lost of customers because they may want to try new product
Mudim's :
Mudim's :
Less-attractive packaging can cause Mudim's product can't survive longer on the market
Lack of product variety, Mudim's only produce soy sauce, ketchup and vinegar
Lack of promotion during festive
Mudim Enterprise use old technology.
Mudim's doesn't have many and skilled workers.
S W O T analysis
Favorable conditions in the environment that could yield rewards for an organization of acted on properly
Kampung Jelutong,
Mukim Tobiar,
06700 Pendang,
Kedah Darul Aman,

- Mudim's distribute their product in rural area mostly at grocery market proximity to customer and also at supermarket like Cmart
Address :
• Mudim promote their product through social networking such as facebook, twitter and blog.

• Mudim also give a free ketchup for the people around Pendang for the opening marketing sales

• Besides that, the promotion through mass media such as radio. Now, we can hear Mudim advertisement through Kedah fm.

Dr. Marini Nurbanum Mohamad
Aishatulilham binti Abdullah 111048
Fatimatul Zaharaah Binti Suleiman 111084
Norhafiziatun binti Mohd Sarif 111160
Norshahira binti Din 111163
Noor Hafizah Seera Binti Arifin 111151
3rd tier 2nd tier 1st tier
Soy Bean
A transformation process uses resources to convert inputs into some desired output. Inputs may be raw material, a customer, or a finished product from another system. The step to produce product by Mudim Zakaria is:
1. Added soya bean water, sugar, salt
2. Dissolved and is stirred until integrated
3. cooking process
4. cooling process
5. Filling
6. Label
7. Shrink pack carton

Operating Equipment Factory

i. Heater Size 1 Tan And 1.5 Tan
ii. Jacketed Cooling and Cooling Pipe
iii. Tabular Exchanger
Machine 'Filling‘
  2.5 Tan Lorry – 4 Lorries

Perniagaan Mudim Zakaria
Operation Machine
1. Make more variety products such as cooking oil and spices, so that Mudim known throughout Malaysia.

2. Strengthen relationships with customers.

3. Good relationship with government agencies such as MADA, Mardi, MATRADE and SIRIM.

4. Increase the level of technology, it's can make operation management is more efficiency. Next, improve the quality, quantity and earn profit.

5. Design label and bottle more attractive.

6. Hire more skilled worker to be placed in the R & D.

7. Always make a promotion every festive season.
Give the sample to the customer
Step 1 to 3 by
using Heater
Step 4 by using
Jacketed Cooling and Cooling Pipe
Step 5 to 7 by using
Tabular Exchanger
Machine 'Filling‘
Offers a variety of products and high quality products at affordable prices in various sizes according to the needs of users.
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