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Hannah Höch

No description

Yoyo Ati

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Hannah Höch

Hannah Höch Grotesque, 1963 Conclusion Works Cited

- The artwork consists of two faces placed over two pairs of legs on a block tile path.

- This composition caught my attention because of its unique design and bright colors.

- Höch used the method of cutting and pasting to communicate her views on femininity and imagination. Her artwork is also a type of satire because, as a Dada artist, Höch speaks her views against society through her work.




http://venetianred.net/2010/01/16/hannah-hoch-the-good-girl-with-big-scissors-part-i/ Introduction: Describe: Hannah Höch created "Grotesque" in
the year 1963. The composition is a 9 15/16 x 6 11/16 photomontage. Höch created the artwork in Stuttgart, Germany. Describe (continue) - Höch used depth and contrast in this artwork to make it more realistic, though at the same time it is very imaginative.
- In this composition, bright colors are used to highlight upon the focal point, and lighter, more dull colors are used
in the background. Interpret - By Höch's compositions the viewer can sense that she was very creative and unique. Her work stands out and is intriguing.
- Höch can inspire people not to care about anyone’s negative opinions, and to be who they want to be.
- Höch’s interesting collages send a message to be different and stand out. She shows how to be original and not try to be someone your not. Hannah Höch was born in Germany in November 1, 1889. She was a German Dada artist best known for her work in the Weimar period, during which she was one of the originators of photomontage. By: Yael Atiya and Alia Nizam
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