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guidance counseling

No description

Claire Bultema

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of guidance counseling

Personal Connection What is a Guidance Counselor? What does it take to
be a Guidance Counselor? Guidance Counseling By Claire Bultema Communication skills EQ: What is Guidance Counseling and what are the aspects of being a Guidance Counselor? Wanted a topic that I could use my God given gifts such as: Talking and giving advice Interacting with people and having personal relationships Listening Personal Connection An educator and counselor who works
in: Elementary schools High schools Middle schools Provides academic, career, college access Personal and social competencies to k-12 Also includes-
developmental school counseling curriculum
Annual planning for every student, group, and
individual counseling Understands the emotional and intellectual
demands that has to be present in this career Can give great advice when needed Insightful What does it take to be a Guidance Counselor? Guidance Counselors help with: Counselors The role Guidance
Counselors play in kids' lives: Helping kids grow confident after high school Leading them to a good college Guidance What other areas of life do Guidance Counselors contribute in? Mental and physical health needs Putting students in classes that will help them most succeed An example of Guidance Counselors playing a major role in kids lives is from the state of Kentucky.
They have stated that over 63% of public high schools has kids enrolling into colleges since 2010.
This has been the highest record according to the data from the Kentucky p-20 Data Collaborative.
Without Guidance Counselors to help train and guide students where they are best equipped there wouldn't be a high rise of students attending colleges Common Problems Counselors Address
With Elementary Students Elementary
Schools Bullying- Developmental
Issues Kids are establishing friend and peer relationships
with people who have different characteristics than
they might have Anger Anxiety and Shyness Apologizing Appearance Classroom behavior Patience Friendships Common Problems Counselors address
with Middle School Students Middle School/Jr. High Drama Disappointment/Rejection Academic Pressure Self Esteem Temptation Compare themselves to others Finding out who they are as a person Call this the SSA years otherwise known as Satan's Self-Esteem Attack Competition to get into a good college Score well on SAT's Comparing to one another on grades Can come from school staff, parents, and friends With the new idea of the opposite gender Bullies and being made fun of Trying to be popular Smoking, Drinking, Drugs Testing the boundaries in school and at home Being cool or popular Dealing with first crushes Picking right friends Academically Common Problems Counselors address with High School Students Relationships with family and parents Substance Abuse Higher Education/Major Decisions They can struggle with the idea of authority Parents divorcing- kids need a person or multiple people to be their encourager and advice giver when they grow into adulthood Peer pressure into drugs, alcohol, etc. Being popular or fitting in Finding an outlet for depression or unhappiness Pressure to get high grades To get high scores on SAT's Decisions on where to go in life after high school THE END Essential Question: What is Guidance Counseling and what are the aspects of being a Guidance Counselor Answer to EQ: Guidance Counseling is an educator and counselor who helps kids reach and achieve their personal goals. The aspects are providing academic, career, and college access to every group or individual "As a Guidance counselor our role is different to every student that needs us, and you have to change gears pretty quickly." from Marti Gueide The Role Guidance Counselor's play
in children's lives An example, is from my own mother's life. She went to Chico High School when she was young She had her whole schedule planned out and her Guidance Counselor, named Alberta Simic, wanted to make my mom challenge herself So Alberta changed my mom's schedule to AP English instead of regular English without consulting her My mom wasn't happy about that then but is very thankful of her Guidance Counselor Adviser: Mrs. Dyanne Fraga Personal Interviews Alberta Simic and Mike Whichello What i learned from Mrs. Simic is that when being a Guidance Counselor, you are the catch all This means you are the person who does multiple things around the school and routine is never the same What I learned from Mr. Whichello is being a teacher before you are a Guidance Counselor is key He said that it gives you a different perspective on the kids academics and what the teachers may want What I Learned From This Project What I learned is being able to be creative in your own way I am a person who enjoys direction I had to learn to be able to stay with the way I want to present my topic and not focusing on what others are doing It has taught me independence, self-motivation and having to set a timeline for yourself How Do You Become A Guidance Counselor? Earn a bachelor's degree Master's degree is required A school counseling credential Obtain a teaching license well-developed emotional skills Work Cited Page Laurel Wilson, "School Counselors Play Key Role in Kids' Futures."
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