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Manchester Community College Budget Cuts

No description

Kevin Zizik

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Manchester Community College Budget Cuts

Presentation By:
Bryan Murphy
Tim Taylor
Evan Vickers
Kevin Zizik
Budget Cuts

The MCC Fitness Center will not be affected as much because it pulls in funding from its services.
As of now the fitness center is pulling in record sales and is doing very well due to:
The new credited classes for group weight training, and Zumba that are transferable.
Word of mouth.
The Fitness Center is planning on adding in a Kripalu Yoga in to the credited class schedule for next semester.
's budget is funded by the Block Grant.
was from the state.
- Currently it is only
Human Relation's issue at
Recently due to constraints on
olleges budget, the college has been forced to cut multiple student activities, sports programs, student worker programs, and numerous positions throughout the campus.
MCC is a Donor College that distributes its money to other community colleges that we're affiliated with. “Cash Cow.”
As of now


will have to give back

$3.3 million
to the state during the


fiscal year. This money is raised by both:
As of now the college is anticipating a flat enrollment for


Currently enrollment is up, yet full
time enrollment is down.
If the college makes more than the estimated amount, the college will get to keep those funds.
If the school doesn't make the estimated funds they will have to pay more back.


will not have to give back the full

$3.3 million
But are uncertain of how much less they will have to pay back.
Once the school finds out what the number will be, they are planning; yet not for certain, on allocating that


back to the student services such as:


There is no word on giving back the funding to the athletic department for sports.
As of now they do not know when they will be bringing back sports and athletics to

The students will feel the effects of the budget cuts more in the upcoming summer and fall semesters.
a) They will have longer waiting time for services and support and the colleges needs.
Due to the lack of staff during the busy time unless the college gets seasonal support.

b) Depending on the position that is vacant it will either be filled or left unfilled.
This is because it saves money for the college on both benefits and pay for employee position
c) There will be a ripple effect from the back of positions filled and the faculty will be filling in those positions.
Leading to people doing multiple jobs in their department.
Departments may not be able to provide services like Student ID’s when the department is not fully staffed.
This will add to the longer wait for services for students and the colleges needs.
d) All of these things could change if the budget looked better.
The sports teams were a major part of the MCC culture.
Since it has been taken away the culture of MCC has gone down significantly.
The students of MCC are hurting along with the faculty and staff.
The sports teams brought happiness and a piece of excitement to MCC.
The athletic department was a major part of attracting students to the school.
It was the niche that the MCC had over the other colleges in the area.
There is more uncertainty due to the uncertainty of the Board of Regions.
The Board of Regions is looking for a new president.
is now joined with
other colleges.

has also had to cut its student workers this semester because it had to give back the funding from financial aid.
The uncertainty of what is happening with the pell grants from financial aid nationally is affecting the student workers for the coming semesters.
What are some positives if any?
The school isn't going to have to pay back the full
$3.3 million
What should students know or do?
Focus on their school work and their grades while the college fixes its self.
Speak up and become active in what is happening on campus.
This is the students investment and they should care about what is happening on campus.
Students should advocate for their rights.Become involved in “their school.”
Despite the negativity the faculty and staff still care deeply about the students of MCC.
The heart of MCC is still alive.
MCC was named one of the top places to work for in the nation.
Part of that accomplishment is the community that MCC has along with its strong culture.
According to faculty and staff they estimate that the school will be “in trouble for
years the effects will be “
there will be sweeping changes because a lot of contracts are up and positions will either be eliminated or not filled to save
Trent Barber said that students should “focus on the inequality.” What he means is that since
is getting funded
1.5 billion
dollars over the next

from the state for a project that is costing
2.2 billion
the state is not giving nearly any money to the
The tuition increases are a huge part of that equation. The schools wouldn’t need to raise tuition if they had some money coming in from the state, and not all of the money going to
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