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Maria C

on 2 April 2014

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Obstacle 1
Obstacle 2
Obstacle 3
Test HIV positive
Efforts to retain individuals in care:
6 Month follow up to ensure client is engaged in care(if not-try to reengage) and
Collaboration developed with the following providers:
University Hospital
Denver Health
Kaiser Permanente
Beacon Clinic
Address other needs
Increase access to care and improve health outcome for people living with HIV.
to reduce # of people who become infected with HIV.
Continuum of HIV Care
Maria Chaidez
Not feeling sick
Linkage to Care
Retention in Care
Re certification of CICP and ADAP
Other priorities
Substance Abuse
Mental Health
Keep dropping out of care
The mission of the Linkage to Care Program is to provide statewide follow-up to ensure persons infected with HIV receive medical care treatment and proper referrals. The program provides a client assessment and advocacy to improve services and referrals to remove any barrier impede ding the client to receive healthcare.
Emergency Room
STD clinic or Testing Site
Disease Intervention Specialist
Home Test OR
Subsequent STI
National HIV/AIDS Strategy for the United States-July 2010
Increasing Access to Care and Improving Health Outcomes for People Living with HIV by
Step 1: Establish a seamless system to immediately link people to continuous and coordinated quality care when they learn they are infected with HIV

Step 2: Take deliberate steps to increase the number and diversity of available providers of clinical care and related services for PLWH

Step 3: Support PLWH with co-occurring health conditions and those who have challenges meeting their basic needs, such as housing
Linkage to Care
-Client Rights and Responsibility

-Proper Releases of Information for Confidentiality purposes

-The LTCS person will look for eligibility criteria(referral screening); such as: documentation of HIV status, identification,evidence of county residency, household income, proof of income, other barriers to care, etc.

-The client will be linked and successfully attend two medical appointments within 90 days

-If other needs are identified, the LTCS will provide appropriate referral to a Aids Service Organization or other support agencies(e.g. Domestic Violence)

-FYI-Patients who are identified through Denver Health and Hospitals- should go to the internal Linkage to Care program at DHH.
Finding other support systems
Support Groups
Aids Service Organizations
-To discuss barriers and provide
Long-term medical case management in needed
Who is eligible for the Linkage to Care Program?
New HIV + individuals who have never linked to care
Old HIV+ individuals who are not in care and need assistance linking to care
Other cases: May need assistance with other programs like ADAP, HIAP for example.
Another continuum indicator:

Adherence to HIV medications
To achieve Viral Suppression
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