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OED Customized Business Services

Building Relationships

Shaun Engstrom

on 16 July 2015

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Transcript of OED Customized Business Services

Customized Business Services
Building Relationships
Refer qualified applicants to meet employer needs by using highly skilled staff who specialize in screening and matching
To increase the percentage of listings closed with one or more hires
To Guarantee to the employer that every referral made will be a job seeker they will be comfortable hiring
To maintain the referral to hire ratio of 5-1 or lower
How we get there
Understanding Business Needs
WorkSource Oregon staff visit the business to gain a full understanding of:
Business Culture
Recruitment needs
Hiring processes
Ideal candidate qualities
Training opportunities
What is the average length of employment for the staff
Who is their customer base
Together with the business, WorkSource Oregon staff decide if Customized Business Services is a good fit for their hiring process.
WorkSource Oregon staff managing Customized Business Services listings are expected to collaborate with the business and look for creative ways to source ideal candidates.
Tools and resources to identify candidates:
iMatch Skills
Training Partners (Title 1B/WIA)
Trade Act (TAA)
Veteran's Services
Claimant Welcome/REA
Quality Information
Company Website
Community Colleges
Vocational Rehabilitation (OVRS)
Online Job Boards (Craigslist, etc.)
Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
DHS Partners
Field office staff are well versed with local labor market trends to understand the regional workforce needs, craft solutions for the employer, and recruit candidates from both inside and outside our system.
WorkSource Oregon staff interview all candidates in person prior to making a referral to the employer. This in-depth screening ensures that every candidate will be someone the employer would feel comfortable hiring.
Continuous communication between WorkSource Oregon staff and the hiring manager is essential through-out the recruitment process.
For us to provide this level of service, and guarantee the success of Customized Business Services, we recommend the employer route all candidates and advertising to WorkSource Oregon.
WorkSource Oregon staff interview all qualified candidates and selects up to five ideal candidates to be referred to the employer.
We are confident that all candidates will be just what the employer is looking for and the business will have a hard time choosing just one!
All referred candidates are discussed with the employer prior to interview. This is our opportunity to market the strengths of each candidate.
After the employer interviews are complete, immediate contact is made to gather feedback and obtain hire results from the employer.
Often the employer is so satisfied with the quality of candidates that multiple job offers are made.
Here are the results
Results from Calendar Year 2014
Number of Job Listings
Number of Referrals
Number of Hires
Referral to Hire Ratio

System Wide

Customized Business Services
Percentage of Listings Closed with One or More Hires
System Wide
Customized Business Services
What employers are saying
Unexpected Outcomes
Job Seeker Satisfaction (Testimonials)
Economic Development Relationship
Increased quality of service in Field Offices
Improved reputation in the community
Increased the pool of job ready candidates
Aligns with Investment Strategy
Time Intensive
New training needed
Importance of Manager and Supervisor support
Identification of inconsistent service delivery
Culture change
Tried and Tested
The Customized Business Services Pilot started in October 2012 and has been so successful it's been strategically implemented across the state.
We are currently offering Customized Business Services in the following offices:
Adalberto Rubio
503-507-6964 Cell
Customized Business Services
Building Relationships
Job Seekers
% of Job Listings Closed with Hires

WSO staff will conduct a site visit of the employer's work site prior to the start of the recruitment
The Employer Agreement
WSO center is identified as the only point-of-contact
Employer communicates with WSO staff to provide responses and feedback in timely manner

40 Referral to Hire Ratio
2.8 Referral to Hire Ratio
Determining Work Ready
Stable Work History
Strong Resume
Verifiable Work References
Appropriate Interview Attire
Work Related Skills Review
Social Media Review
Good Attitude
Recruitment Options
No on site visit
Unrestricted advertising
No confidential listings
No pre-screening
Job seeker contacts employer directly
No follow up
Unlimited referrals
No on site visit
Unrestricted advertising
Confidential listings optional
Pre-screening available
Applicants apply via employer preference
Follow up preformed
5:1 referral to hire ratio
On site visit required
Advertise through WorkSource Office
Confidential listings
All applicants pre-screened
Follow up preformed
Minimum 5:1 referral to hire ratio
3:1 referral to hire ratio preferred
Cost of Hire
Cost of Hiring the Wrong Person
Klamath Falls
La Grande
Baker City
Canyon City
Portland Metro
Grants Pass
Coming soon: Regional Business Services in Tualatin
Type of Employee
Estimated Cost
Entry-Level FTE
$5,000 - $7,000
* Note: Costs include wasted salary, benefits, severance pay, headhunter fees, training costs, and hiring time
Total saving to employer for right hire

*Turn over cost estimated between 20% to 200% of an employees base salary.
** Staffing Agencies charge between 10-15% of annual employee salary. In the case of an average CR worker is $2,704 to $4,056 at $13/hour
Customized Recruitment turnover savings average
Total average cost of hiring a new employee
Who contact the employer?
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