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Social Suicide

No description

Hannah Hillier

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Social Suicide

Social Suicide
Gemma Halliday


Hartley Featherstone is only trying to write a good article on Sydney Sanders, ex-prom queen nominee , who was caught cheating on a test. But, when Hartley finds Sydney dead, she doesn't believe it's a suicide, but a murder. Hartley, with the help of Chase, editor of the HHH homepage, and her bestfriend, Sam, try to find out who is selling the cheats and who killed Sydney.
the significance of three characters
Hartley Featherstone: Hartley is the main character of this story she is the one who said that Sydneys death was a homocide not suicide and she came up with the idea that catches the killer.
Sam Kramer: Sam is the best friend to the main character ;Hartley and the significatce of her is that she assist Hartley in finding the murder of Sydney.
Chase Erikson: Chase is the editor of the school paper and he's the reason the Hartley was on Sydneys case in the first place also he helps assist in finding the murderer.
After reading the book; as girls, we overall agree that this was a good book and very much worth our time.. I would recommend the book to anyone who would enjoy a modern day mystery and is interested in romance stories.. I would say the book would more interest the female audience.

The setting is located majority of the time at Herbert Hoover High school. What's significant about the setting is that she works for the school newspaper or else Hartley wouldnt of ever been involved.
is the most significant theme because the story is like a rollercoaster. You think you know who did it, but it turns out you're wrong and it takes you up another hill and you're wondering who the killer is, or if the main character will ever find who did the crime.
favorite literary element
my favorite literary element would be the similies that were used in the story because they would be funny sayings in areas that are supposed to be serious. E.x. " He was a little thick around the middle, like he was committed to keeping up the donut-eating-cop stereotype." p. 32
Point of View
The point of veiw was 1st person and the significance to the point of view is that we got to know how Hartley was thinking and her plans to finding the murderer. It also gave an out look on how things were going to be done and her feelings towards multiple characters in the book on her adventure on trying to find the murderer.
plot triangle
Harley Featherstone was first introduced at Herbert Hoover High School Chase Erikson was introduced also in this same setting.
: The problem is that someone is selling cheats in the school and that same person killed Sydney Sanders. The police think Sydney's death was a suicide, while to Hartley it is a homicide.
Rising Action(C):
Hartley finding out Nicky was giving away the cheats from a source he owuldn't give out. Nicky getting attacked by somone when he was going to meet Hartley. Chase and Hartley figuring out how to get into the school, except for having to pick the lock on the teacher's door. Hartley almost getting runover by some random person who could have been the killer. Hartley deciding to let the killer come after her.
Hartley decided to pretend she knows the killer and tells everyone she was going to put it into a article on HHH homepage. Hartley and Chase and her best friend Sam and her date go to the dance where they hope the killer will reveal themselves. Hartley is eventually knocked out and tied up. It is found out that Mr. Tipkins was the murdered and the peson selling the cheats. He pushes Hartley into the pool to attempt to kill her. As Mr, Tipkins runs, he did not realize the cheerleaders were watching and recorded the whole thing. They also save Hartley from drowning. The video was shown to the police and was uploaded to Youtube.
Falling Action(E)
:: Mr Tipkins was arrested and the murder was solved after the video of the killer was shown to the police.
Mr Tipkins was arrested and anyone involved with selling the cheats was suspended.
And then there
were none
Social Suicide
-public area
-private area
not alot of foreshadow
-secret killer
Important Passages
Pg 103:
This passage was important because this si where Nicky is revealed to be giving out the cheats but he refused to tell where/who he got them from
Pg 183/184:
This important because knowing how to get into th school with only having to pick the classroom door breaks down the suspects of the murder.
Pg 225:
This si important because Hartley faking the paper article gets the killer to react and go after her.
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