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2017 HelloFresh Sales Training

No description

Hello Fresh

on 24 August 2017

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Transcript of 2017 HelloFresh Sales Training

Let's Get Cooking
About HelloFresh
How it Works
Step 1:
Mix some passion and love with a solution
Our founders saw an untapped potential in meal kit delivery services, so they decided to create a new recipe

Humble beginnings began with 10 bags in 2011

From just a few friends and family, HelloFresh now feeds millions of people throughout the world

Currently, we have over 780,000 regular customers that subscribe to our tasty service

HelloFresh is available in 9 countries
The reviews
Our Products
Who Are We Competing With?
Our direct competitors include many meal kit delivery services but the top three companies in the industry are HelloFresh, Blue Apron, and Sun Basket
HelloFresh provides balanced, nutritional meals that look to serve the average busy family, novice cook, or proactive couple by providing quick and simple recipes. Meals are created to bring variety to the average home in-and-around thirty minutes, and go through Registered Dieticians for nutritional approval. HelloFresh even offers box options for families with picky eaters. Through new and simple recipes, lots of fruits and veggies, and 30 minutes, HelloFresh will help customers make healthy lifestyle changes one meal at a time.
Weekly discounts
Fresh Produce
Great way to explore exotic recipes and challenge would-be chefs
Gives customers a great social boost after accomplishing meals

Requires a substantial amount of patience, time, and effort to prepare a meal
Exotic recipe selection not for the average pallet
Makes it more difficult to find family friendly recipes

Delivers organic ingredients carefully selected from local smaller farms
Provides options for specific dietary preferences such as Paleo, Vegetarian, and Gluten-Free
Limited menu choices
Higher prices for boxes pose a problem for families on a budget
Misconception that organic means "healthier"

Who We're Really Competing With
Choice paradox
Price per ingredient
Our Customers
30-60 year old women
Married couples

Duel income households
Working professionals
Busy routine schedule
People looking for positive and healthy changes
Retired couples
College educated

Health (nutritious, balanced meals)
Convenience (easy and quick recipes)
Variety (new menu choices from around the world, every week)
Quality (freshest ingredients from responsible farms)
More time to do the things they enjoy
Flexible subscription-Pausing when they want
No Contracts (No minimums, no monthly fees)

Opening with or depending on the discount
Trial selling
Focusing on price
Talking more than listening and discovering
Under 25 years olds
Fact Check 1,2,1,2
Your managers hired you for a reason. You possess traits and an attitude that with dedication, work ethic, and positivity can lead you down a road of success. You have been personally selected to represent the largest meal kit delivery brand in the world. Everyday you will meet people and have the chance to introduce them to what we do. For many, it will be the first time they ever experience HelloFresh. Every time you wear the apron or talk about our services you impact that person, the people around them, and the people they're closest with. Our reach with your team allows us to create thousands of impressions daily. Your actions impact neighborhoods, are observed by on-lookers, and talked about with friends and family. It is our responsibility to deliver the best products and services in this industry. From our farms, to logistics, to our sales teams. What impact do you create? How do you positively affect your customers, team, and yourself everyday? How can you help us change the way people eat, forever? One customer at a time.
Why You're Here
United States - Canada - United Kingdom - Germany
Switzerland - Australia - Austria - Netherlands - Belgium
Our Vision As Reps
Our goal at HelloFresh is to help customers make those first steps towards cooking well-balanced meals with fresh produce at home.
HelloFresh sources over 40-60 different types of fruits and vegetables in our menu, every month.
That way our customers get nutritious, tasty, variety every night they use us. One of our meals provides 3-5 servings of the recommended daily five.
Organic or Healthy?
Most American’s seeking organic ingredients are looking to eat healthy, responsible food
Being healthy is not just about eating all-organic the same way getting in shape is not all about working on your biceps. It’s about balanced and nutritional meals that focus on quality ingredients and proper moderation
While our food is not all organic, we work with sustainable partners to ensure high quality, seasonal, and farm-sourced produce is delivered to our customers at peak freshness
(talk about a fan favorite)
Value Driven
The Difference
We're not just delivering food...
The Ideal HelloFresh Customer
What Our Customers Value the Most
We are the largest Meal Kit Delivery Service in the world
We source organically when we can, but are not all organic
We source from local responsible farmers when we can (HelloFresh inspects on-site during our interview process)
All of our meat is all natural
Poultry and pork is hormone and antibiotic free as federally regulated.
Our fish comes from sustainable fisheries. It is not wild caught.
We serve 40-60 different fruits and veggies a month
Perfect for doctor ad-libs. "The first step to a healthier life is eat more ________ and________"

We are the only service that has two registered dietitians on staff working to make our meals nutritious and hold suppliers to our standards
Our chefs create the recipes and our RD's review and make changes where necessary
Although we are not gluten free or 100% vegan our menu offers 1-3 gluten free options each week
Our customers cannot have HelloFresh substitute ingredients but they can personally omit ingredients they do not want or prefer (great for lactose or gluten intolerant people)
We do take payment on the spot.
We do not take personal or financial info to "reserve" their discount
If the customer orders their box four weeks in advance, they still will be charged on day of set-up
Our customers can give friends/family discounts and free boxes
Freebies: customers can choose four friends/family members to send a free box to
Referrals: customers can refer a friend/family member. The friend/family member will get $40 off their first box and the customer will get a $20 towards their account
Customers can not redeem freebies or discounted boxes for themselves
Customers can not have more than one box shipped to their residence without proof of showing reason why they need multiple boxes
*note - not every piece of produce comes from the customer's region nor is every piece organic/gmo free
(Women are best decision makers for HelloFresh)
How to Properly Review a Customer Account
When you arrive at the checkout page recap the box type, price of the discount, and normal pricing returns. Once you finish, accept and place order.
Immediately following the order, help select first meals, review their box type and delivery date. Remind them that they have 5 days before their delivery to make any changes. Recap that this is a flexible subscription and will send automatically if they forget. Talk about long term benefits and future deliveries.
Our food comes from multiple suppliers across the United States
Sourcing 40-60 different kinds of fruits and veggies a month requires us to work around the US to provide fresh and in-season produce to consumers
You'd rather have your avocados come from California instead of Pennsylvania, right?

Fresh From The Source
We typically source from small, responsible farms local to our distribution centers in the US
Suppliers and vendors change throughout the year to maintain freshness
We personally make an on-site visits to every meat vendor we work with to ensure the operation is food safe and the animals are treated with respect.
Our meats are primarily sourced domestically and are all-natural
Meet some of our suppliers
Our Menu
Our seasonal menus offer cuisines from around the world in easy to follow recipes regardless of your skill.

How it Comes
Customers get everything but the salt, pepper, and olive oil!
Our Three Keys
Easy & Convenient
What are the largest barriers to eating healthy at home?
Customers and non customers have free access to our archive of recipes!
What does healthy really mean?
How many fruits and veggies do you eat a month?
How many of you get your daily five?
What is a doctor's earliest and easiest advice for a healthier lifestyle?
Registered Dietitians
Natural Flavor
Full Nutritional Information Online or on the App
Why are they important?
We offer 6-11 new recipes a week, up to 150 new recipes in one year

Large variety of fruits and veggies

Personal menu preferences

Seasonal menus and cuisines from around the world

Flexible subscription

Sign Up
Refer to notes and app demonstration
Managers please refer to box
Quick and Easy
The Boxes
Meal selection

Let me just start by saying I consider myself a VERY GOOD cook and I LOVE cooking, but the daily discussion of "what do you want for dinner honey?" followed by the standard answer" I don't know, what do you want" has made me want to scream more often than not. So now, in addition to the beautiful, fresh, high quality food that I'm sent it comes down to specific choices. Mind=blown! I have only paused my delivery one week so far and I have to admit I missed seeing that box. So far 100% satisfied!

We are a busy family, both working parents. I love hello fresh because I don't have to think what to make and create long grocery lists every week… Absolutely love and would never go back! Like eating out every night and no extra cost to my weekly grocery bill!
And Now Introducing...
There will be one premium menu option in the Classic Box every week. What makes these recipes premium?

- Better cuts of protein (NY strip steak, bone-in pork chops)
- New proteins e.g lobster ravioli
- Double protein e.g chicken wrapped in prosciutto
- Premium twists: e.g truffle zest for truffled mashed potatoes

*premium meals are $10 extra per two servings*
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