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My Cell Analogy...

No description

Emily Dawson

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of My Cell Analogy...

My analogy to the plasma membrane is the security/bailiffs in the court room. They are there to control who enters and leaves the court room.
The judge acts like the nucleus in the court. He makes the decisions and is in charge of what goes on in the courtroom.
The dumpster is like the lysosomes because it acts like a garbage disposal. They are there to break things down and to get rid of things that do not belong.
Holding cells act like ribosomes because they are located on the E.R. They are where proteins can be made.
Rough E.R.
The hallways are how things in the cell move. It is a way for things to get to other places.
Smooth E.R.
The Clerks Office acts like the smooth E.R. They process papers that are sent from the trials.
The mail deliverer acts like the golgi. They process then package the things that are sent to them from the court.
How does a courthouse resemble a cell?
Plasma Membrane
The electric room is like the mitochondria. It is where the energy is made
The kitchen represents the chloroplast because its where food is made. It is the only place that can make food.
The filing cabinets act as the vacuole. That is where they store paper work. Without them, they would not have anywhere to put things they might need at a later date.
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