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No description

Pritta Maharani

on 18 November 2015

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Transcript of OFFERING HELP


team 2 / XII IPS 3
Offering help is the act of giving contribution to someone who needs assistance to solve their problem
to show empathy and minimise someone's problem
1. Using modal auxiliaries like may, can & would
(ex :
i help you?)
2. The use of question sentence
(ex : do you need help
3. The use of pronouns
(ex: would
like some help?)
4. The use of verbs
(ex: can i help you in
1. What are the formal offering help phrases shown on the video?
2, How do we know when to use the formal/informal expressions?
3. Complete the sentence: "Would you like me ____?"
a) to turn on the air conditioner
b) turn on the air conditioner
c) turn the air conditioner on
4, How do we response to an offer?
5. How to response the offer in a polite way?
there are formal & informal ways to offer help and the responses as well.
formal expressions is often used in a professional situation, and the informal expressions is for a personal situation,
and the most common response to an offer is to say 'thank you'
Rizka: It's our first date and I don't have a matching purse. OMG I don't want to look ugly

Shilla: I can lend you some of mine if you want,
do you want to borrow the Gucci one?
It's cute yet elegant

Rizka: Nah, I don't think it'll go with the shoes

Shilla: How about the Givenchy one?

Rizka: Yes! The red one! Can I borrow it?

Shilla: Sure! (checks phone) OMG! 5 Seconds of Summer is coming here!!

Rizka: Really? They are coming to Indonesia?

Shilla: Yeah! and they're selling out the tickets this friday. Let's watch them together

Rizka: I would love to. But I'm going abroad this friday so I can't purchase the ticket

I'll buy it for you
, all you had to do is transfer the money

Rizka: You'd do that? Thank you so much! I'll transfer the money tonight

Shilla: Okay.. No problems

Rizka: It's such a hot day today we should've stay inside. I'm sweating so much

Shilla: I know!
Would you like some tissue?

Rizka: Yeah, I need those. Thanks. I think we should go home. I'll drive you home

Shilla: Alright let's go pay

Let me pay this time

Shilla: No we should split the bill

Rizka: It's fine, I'll pay, you wait here

Rizka: Hey, look! What's with all that crowd?

Shilla: I think there's an accident. Let's go take a look

Shilla: Oh my God, isn't that Faishal from school?

Rizka: Oh yeah! You're right.
Can I help you with anything?

Shilla: We should document this and tell everyone!

Rizka: You're right, I'm gonna post this on snapchat and facebook

Shilla: Don't forget twitter! Here
let me hold your purse

Rizka: Oh yeah! You're right. Omg.
Can I help you with anything?

1. We have to know how to offer help politely
2. Understand and choose the right phrase for the right occasion
3. We should practice to offer help to someone more often, and do it genuinely
Offering help is an expression to offer help to someone.
The purpose of offering help is to offer someone to do something.
There are four kinds of offering help (Informal offers, formal offers, refusing someone's offer, and accepting someone's offer)

Shilla: We should document this and tell everyone!

Rizka: You're right, I'm gonna post this on snapchat and facebook

Shilla: Don't forget twitter! Here let me hold your purse

Rizka: Nice.
Would you like me to send it to you so you can post it on your twitter?

Shilla: Alright then!

Rizka: Thank God, the police and the medic are already here

Shilla: Yeah we should just go home, blood freaks me out

Rizka: Yeah me too. did you post it yet?

Shilla: It's posting but the connection is too slow

Rizka: You can use my phone in the car

Shilla: Okay then, let's go

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