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RaeAnne and jordan

No description

Selene Weightman

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of RaeAnne and jordan

The skin cell
the skin cell has connective tissue- packs binds the other structures in the skin.elastic fibers-make the skin resilent.
-eapllaries- tiny blood vessels.
-sensory cells- lets you feel things like heat and coldness.
nerve fibers- to activate mucels
The function of the skin cell
the function of the skin cell is to protect skin against germs.
The stucture of the skin cell
the stucture of the skin cell is the 2 layrs of skin. the epidermis- the top layr of skin and this layr has sevreal layrs of cells.
dermis- lower layr of skin is tough and strong.
The connection
the connection between function and structure is they both have jobs to protect the skin, the top layr of skin protect the 2nd layr of skin.
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