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The Tudors and The Reformation

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Tiffany Marlow

on 17 March 2017

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Transcript of The Tudors and The Reformation

The Tudors and The Reformation
Beginnings of the Tudor Dynasty
There was a war between two English families, the York (white rose) and Lancaster (red rose).
Henry VII (7th) ended "War of The Roses" by marrying Elizabeth York, uniting their houses.
This marriage created the "Tudor House" and their rose was pink.
The Tudor Dynasty
Henry VII (7th), his son Henry VIII(8th) and his 3 grandchildren: Edward VI(6th), Mary I, & Elizabeth I ruled England for 118 years.
Henry VIII (8) vs. The Catholic Church
Initially supported church & wrote a VERY popular book against Martin Luther
1534: denounces Catholic Church
forms a Protestant state religion, "The Church of England"
Elizabeth I
Elizabeth was the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, Henry's 2nd wife.
She ruled England during an exciting time that was FULL of change!
Protestantism in England
Elizabeth I fought very hard for Protestantism in England. She is the reason that the Church of England is still in existence, today!
Henry VIII
Ruled 1509-1547
first Catholic, then
Edward VI
ruled 1547-1553 (began at age 9)
introduced Prayer Book to replace Latin services
banned many Catholic concepts such as stained glass and statues
Mary I
Ruled 1553-1558 first queen in England to rule on her own without a husband!
ism to England. Got rid of many of the Protestant things in place.
Murdered MANY Protestants during reign
Elizabeth I
ruled 1558-1603
Promoted the Church of England and unity in England. (

Henry wanted a divorce from his first wife Catherine of Aragon, and he could not get this granted by the Catholic Church.

When he decided to continue with the divorce and re-marry, the Pope EXCOMMUNICATED him.

His reasons were POLITICAL not RELIGIOUS, but the excommunication pushed him into breaking away from the Catholic Church.
Henry VIII & Catherine of Aragon
Why so CrAzY for a Divorce??
Catherine had not provided Henry with a son, and he feared the house was too weak to pass it on to a woman. He wanted the dynasty to continue!!
He had also met Anne Boleyn and fallen in "love" with her!
39 Articles
Elizabeth lived through a lot of conflict between Protestants and Catholics!
In order to make England a better place and to secure the Church of England, the 39 articles were created!
This was a compromise between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism!
Tudor Report!
Henry VII
ruled 1485-1509
left a lot of money and stability behind
used carefully selected marriages to establish family and secure dynasty.
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