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Arctic Ice

No description

Jaydon Coulter

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Arctic Ice

Arctic Ice
Affects of the ice melt
It is depleting the habitat for polar bears and they become stranded on chunks of ice.

The ice has been depleting
The Last 50 Years
The Earth warming has caused a drastic change in the levels of ice
How its been and what is currently happening.
Research shows that layers of the ice have gotten thinner and has cause ocean levels to rise.
By: Jaydon Coulter
Greenhouse gas levels have increased
The increase in production has put higher levels of gas in the atmosphere.
The gas levels has caused the heating of the gas in the atmosphere to increase, melting the ice.
Why is it melting?
The ocean levels have been slowly rising and can destroy coast line if it gets abnormally high...
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